Adelfe Enu Crea Sorority


The Adelfe Enu Crea (AEC) Sorority is the first and only business sorority in the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Commited to the pursuit of excellence in business and in the academy, AEC aims to develop business ethics, discipline, and civic consciousness through the intiation of various projects within and outside the university. Past projects include the annual Sweets Buffet, Love Rage, YoU-turn, Outreach Programs, and Brand Sale.

The Sorority is very much like a family business. Creans know the right time to be professional as they uphold the nature of AEC being the only business sorority. They make sure everyone knows their part in the whole business process and each has contributed in thoughts or actions to create the final output. At the end of the day, regardless whether they make a profit or not, the important thing is that the sisterhood is intact.

Brief History

The Adelfe Enu Crea Sorority was established on April 2, 1991 by its fiteen founding members. It was formerly the Pan Xenia Ladies' Corps, an auxiliary arm of the Pan Xenia Fraternity in its various activities and projects. "Adelfe Enu Crea" means "sistes in business" in the Greek language.


Sweets Buffet

Sweets Buffet is a buffet-style food event which serves sweets and other treats for free. The buffet’s main servings range from cakes, brownies, ice cream, candies, and to other kinds of confections as a theme demands. Held in VSB, Sweets Buffet is a fun and delightful way to kick-off the AEC Sorority's series of events.

LoveRage Concert Series

LoveRage is a concert series spearheaded by the sorority and its partner fraternity for six consecutive years since 2007. It is held during UP Fair, the most anticipated event in UP. Branded as the most attended night, it gathers more than 10,000 attendees annually. LoveRage targets to inspire the youth to become active players in shaping the Philippine culture.


YoU-turn is a seminar held on selected dormitories inside UP Diliman. The topics of YoU-Turn focus on personality development and self-improvement as the AEC Sorority has always been in the lead towards promoting women empowerment through self-esteem. YoU-turn fulfills one of the pursuits of the sorority, which is molding empowered women.

Outreach Programs

Despite Adelfe Enu Crea Sorority being an all-female society they never forget that they are also citizens of the country. The AEC Sorority gives back to underprivileged females and children for the fruitful years the sorority has achieved. The sorority recently donated more than P30,000 in cash and grocery items to Grace To Be Born Foundation, a group that shelters and provides for the needs of unwed mothers and abandoned babies.


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