Ang Umaatikabong Buhay ni Badong Aguirre

Ang Umaatikabong Buhay ni Badong Aguirre


Carreon, J. T. (2010). Ang Umaatikabong Buhay ni Badong Aguirre, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis Dissertation, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

Badong, ever since childhood, wants to become an action hero. However, people perceive him as the opposite, solely because of his appearance. This has become a constant source of disappointment for Badong. As a result, he has lost all ambitions for the future. Things start to change however, when he unwittingly becomes a part of a gang of kidnappers. This film will explore the story of the goon. In a typical Pinoy Action film, the goons are flat characters. Their sole purpose is to be outlets for the hero’s prowess. No backstory is given to establish who they are apart from what they do and what they look like. With this, the film will focus on the physical stereotyping found in Pinoy Action films. It is a commentary of the said genre's convention of characterization that puts primary importance on looks.

Furthermore, the filmmaker aims to go beyond physical stereotyping of people to those of situational assessment based on appearance. One core value of the film is the idea of happiness being a choice and being independent of the circumstance. With this, the film seeks to answer the question, “Is a happy ending possible in the confines of prison?”

Keywords: pinoy action film, self-reflexive cinema

Subject Index : Action and Adventure Films--Philippines

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