Jayson, G. K. J. & Olivenza, P. A. A. (2011). Apuhap, Student Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication

This is a father-daughter story, about their differing perspectives on an important matter and how they separately deal with it. An 18 year old girl is pregnant. Fear of her father’s reaction as well as the responsibility of becoming a mother motivates her to abort her unborn child. The 38 year old father suspicious of his daughter’s actions learns of his daughter’s problem. Initially furious and feeling betrayed, he eventually calms down, realizing that his daughter is his only family. Much like his daughter’s struggle to talk to him, he faces the problem of reaching out to her.

Our film, entitled Apuhap, is mainly about communication between fathers and daughters, that there comes a time in a girl’s life, usually in the transition period from being a child to a teenager, when her father seems oblivious and distant, and that in the eyes of the father, his daughter has grown up and lesser experiences and stories could be shared with her. The concept of lack of communication between the father and daughter comes from our experiences with our fathers.

Father-daughter. Split screen. Lack of communication

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Subject Index : Teenage Pregnancy