Be Part of the Great Ideas Project


  • Individuals with UP Webmail accounts may nominate (or vote for) their best professors as speakers for the Great Ideas Symposium.
  • An individual is suggested to offer a written or video testimonial that
    • promotes a faculty nomination by listing the professor's biography, accomplishments and/or research areas and projects, or
    • endorses the Project.

The testimonial can be uploaded on Youtube and its link be sent to for possible inclusion in the project portal. A video featured on the Great Ideas portal entitles its creator to a ticket to the Great Ideas Symposium.


  • A reputable group may help promote the Great Ideas Project. Proposals for promotional campaigns may be sent to for consideration.


  • Faculty and student volunteers for production and promotions may contact DILC for details.


  • Parties interested in sponsoring the Project may contact the Project's partner student orgs or DILC ( Sponsorship packages are available upon request.

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