Closure of E. Jacinto Street

12 January 2009

Memorandum No. CGCG 09-006

For  : All Faculty, Staff and Students

Subject : 1. Closure of E Jacinto Street effective January 19, 2009; 2. Opening of Velasquez and Ylanan Gates effective January 19, 2009, access limited to UP Faculty, Staff and Students Only

Please be advised that effective January 19, 2009, E. Jacinto Street along C.P. Garcia Avenue shall be closed to traffic due to the construction of the Jacinto university portal. Pardo de Tavera Street shall remain open from 5 AM to 10 PM daily but access shall be limited only to UP faculty, staff and students.

Meanwhile, the new university portals namely Ylanan and Velasquez gates shall be opened effective Monday, January 19, 2009. Likewise, access through these portals shall be limited to UP faculty, staff and students. Kindly present your U.P identification cards to the security guards before entry. This restricted access is an important move in ensuring the protection and safety of the constituents of the University. Further, this shall also significantly reduce the volume of through traffic on campus which contributes to the wear and tear of our roads and to vehicular emissions, among others.

The following traffic schemes shall be observed in Pardo de Tavera, Ylanan and Velasquez Streets:

Tavera Street 5AM to 10 PM daily Ylanan Street One-way inbound from Commonwealth Avenue 5 AM to 10 AM daily Ylanan Street Closed to traffic daily 10:01 AM to 3:59 PM; One-way outbound to Commonwealth Avenue 4 PM to 10 PM daily Velasquez Street One-way inbound from C.P. Garcia Avenue 5AM to 10 PM daily

For your information and guidance. Thank you.


Cynthia Grace C. Gregorio

Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs