Communication Research Society


The UP Communication Research Society is a gold mine of exceptional Communication Research majors, whose skills and talents have remained unparalleled throughout the organization’s 37 years of existence. Established in 1977, it takes pride in being the first and only exclusive academic organization based at the Department of Communication Research in the UP College of Mass Communication. The organization has created and facilitated various activities which uphold, build, and maintain its core values – integrity, academic excellence, and social responsibility.

These activities include symposia, career orientations, outreaches and fundraising programs. The Society takes part in research projects that enable them to practice and further develop their research skills. It conducts the CommRespondent, the organization’s own study on media and communication phenomena. The Society also takes pride in its official publication, The Highlighter. Released every semester, it aims to further the technical and creative writing skills of its members.

Numerous alumni members of the organization have become glorified and respected in various industries, which include advertising, marketing, broadcast journalism, research and development, and the academe, among others.

UP CommResSoc ensures its members with the finest experience of quality research-oriented work, taking into account the legitimacy and credibility of all research endeavors, while keeping in mind the social relevance of each activity.


Maria Regina T. Lopez


Regine R. Villanueva

Vice President

Mariam Jayne M. Agonos

Academic Committee Head

Angelica I. Paredes

External Affairs Committee Head

Naomi Cristel F. Enriquez

Financial Committee Head

Marrhon S. Mangalus

Membership Committee Head

Jason V. Mercene

Secretariat Committee Head

Gerard Angelo T. De Jesus

Market Research Projects Head




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