DNA-Prokids : Using DNA to Help Fight Child Trafficking 19 January 2010

Title Speaker
DNA - Pro Kids Dr. Jose A. Lorente, University of Granada
Child Trafficking in the Philippines Honorable Esperanza I. Cabral, Department of Health
DNA Testing in the Philippines Dr. Maria Corazon A. De Ungria
IACAT and the Issues in the Prosecution of Child Trafficker in the Philippines Honorable Ricardo R. Blancaflor, Department of Justice
How DNA-Prokids Can Support the Fight Against Child Trafficking Dr. Arthur J. Eisenberg
Reaction to the DNA Pro-Kids Forum Ms. Amihan Abueva, Asia Against Child Trafficking
Reaction to the DNA Pro-Kids Forum Hon. Jenny Lind A. Delorino, Supreme Court
Reaction to the DNA Pro- Kids Forum Senior State Prosecutor Deana P. Perez, Department of Justice