This page introduces e-petitions on iskWiki!

  • To add an e-petition, follow these steps:

Step 1. open a new tab in your browser and point it to: http://iskwiki.upd.edu.ph/Title_of_Petition

Step 2. Write your petition

Step 3. At the bottom of the petition itself, write:

* [[Category:E-Petitions]]

This will automatically index your e-petition with other e-petitions. (Do not miss these marks:"[[ ]]" and ":")

Step 4. Click on Save Page below.

  • To sign an e-petition on iskwiki, write

* ~~~~: Your Full Name Here

This is going to automatically indicate your login name and time stamp, signifying genuine endorsement of the document.

  • To view e-petitions, click here.

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