From Comedy Bars to Comedy Shows on TV : A Comparative Textual Analysis

From Comedy Bars to Comedy Shows on TV : A Comparative Textual Analysis

Ycasas, C.T. (2016). From Comedy Bars to Comedy Shows on TV: A Comparative Textual Analysis, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, College of Mass Communication, University of the Philippines Diliman.

This study primarily aims to compare the style, format, and concept of comedy present in comedy bars and in television shows. Second, it also aims to identify implications if cross-over occurs between the two. This study is guided mainly by Constance School of Reception where the author’s reason and original motive is deemed unimportant hence, it is ultimately the text that is scrutinized, and by Foucault's analysis of power and ideological representation in discourse. The study is a qualitative research that is done through textual analysis and interviews. The researcher underwent immersion of four consecutive comedy bar shows and watched four consecutive shows of Gandang Gabi Vice and Sunday Pinasaya, both as live studio audience and as television viewer. The researcher conducted interviews to analyze the concept and formula used by the writers of shows and the overall production value envisioned by the director. The researcher also sought the suggestions of MTRCB and a broadcast ethics professor as to how a comedy show can be less offensive but still be entertaining.

Keywords: Comedy, Comedy Bar, Constance School of Reception, Foucault, GGV, SPS

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