Guidelines for Developing TOR

Guidelines for Developing Terms of References

These guidelines aim to assist UP student organizations in the preparation of Terms of References (ToRs) for partnership activities with UPDILC


A project cannot be effectively carried out without a sound Terms of Reference that clearly sets out expectations of what is to be delivered. The concerned student organization shall take the lead in drafting the ToR. The process for developing the ToR should be a participatory and collaborative. It should involve the officials of the concerned student organization and the DILC.

The following items indicate what each ToR should contain.

1 Title

State the title of what project an organization will join in.

2 Background information

Briefly describe the organization.
Briefly discuss the project including objectives, expected outcomes, expected results,

major activities, duration, budget (if any).

Describe how the project fits or links into the objective of the student organization

3 Purpose of the Partnership and of the Project

Who initiated the project/ partnership?
Why is the project being undertaken?
What are the objectives of the project / partnership?
Who are the key users and target audiences?

4 Evaluation of the project

Specify the time frame, geographical coverage, the thematic coverage and/or project coverage.

5 Deliverables

Specify Deliverable

6 Schedule

Draw up an indicative timeframe indicating when the deliverables are due
Schedule meetings for updates and date of presentation of output

7 Logistics

Identify the logistical support needed.