Guidelines for video or webcast coverage by DILC

Guidelines for video or webcast coverage by ILC Diliman

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  1. ILC Diliman offers its media services only for production of educational materials as well as video recording and/or streaming of events and activities that are beneficial to teaching and/or support the interactive learning process and in accordance with ILC Diliman's mandate.
  2. ILC Diliman may accept video production of other academic/UP-related activities within the Diliman campus (e.g. talks, symposia).
  3. Any request to have ILC Diliman do video or webcast coverage should be made preferably at least 2 weeks before the event using ILC Diliman Helpdesk and is subject for approval of the ILC Diliman Director.
  4. ILC Diliman may accept pencil booking which is valid for 10 days only. ILC Diliman will automatically cancel the penciled date if no confirmation from requesting party is received.
  5. Confirmation of approved requests should be made 1 week before the reserved date either through Email Confirmation or ticket system. If no confirmation is made, ILC Diliman has the right to cancel the request.
  6. The requesting party (or whoever heads or organizes the event) is responsible for arranging the necessary schedule and, especially in preparation for a live event coverage, the availability of the venue for technical setup (usually a day before the event), testing (the soonest) and coordination with the UPCC to provide assistance in preparing the internet connection at the venue.
  7. The requesting party should provide transportation services for the technical personnel and the equipment. Under certain circumstances, provision for incidentals are necessary.This does not apply to studio shot at ILC Diliman.
  8. To help ensure the quality of ILC Diliman service, at least one brief pre-event coordination meeting shall be arranged by the organizers with the lead production to go over at least the technical requirements of the event.
  9. The requesting party should provide a space where ILC Diliman can get a good shot of the speaker and a good wired audio input. In certain cases, this may entail providing a platform adequately raised to help obtain good camera shots, a platform area for 2 mounted tripods and 2 operators. This guideline does not apply to studio shot at ILC Diliman.
  10. Charges are rounded up to the next hour based on the duration of the actual event e.g. events that lasted for one hour and a half will be billed as 2 hours.
  11. If webcast is requested as part of coverage, the requesting party is encouraged to promote the event outside the University through mass media and social networking sites. The requesting party should inform ILC Diliman of the event's projected number of viewers online.
  12. Webcast is done only from a location with good Internet connection and live video stream may be viewed by the public via ILC Diliman website.
  13. The requesting party is expected to be aware of venue-specific issues and is encouraged to help secure recommended equipment that minimizes problems in the coverage. This does not apply to studio shot at ILC Diliman.
  14. The ILC Diliman reserves the right to choose which audio or video file/s can be uploaded in the ILC Diliman website, in iskomunidad or in ILC Diliman Youtube channel
  15. While ILC Diliman's coverage may form part of the requesting party's documentation of the event, the coverage should not be treated as the sole or major documentation of the event.
  16. The requesting party shall provide the recordable media necessary for the initial distribution of the video.
  17. For video recording requests, copy of the video coverage with standard minimum post production work is released after 2 weeks (minimum), provided that all materials other than the raw footage taken by ILC Diliman has been given to ILC production team (e.g. soft copy of event poster of banner).
  18. ILC Diliman provides 1 month storage of raw footages, after which the footage is deleted.
  19. The requesting party shall be billed with these approved rates for minimally edited video footage only. Further professional video editing and other related work (if required by the requesting party) will be outsourced and charged separately. The requesting party is expected to collect the slides (or texts) from the speakers and share these materials with ILC Diliman for the latter to be able to incorporate the slides into the videos.
  20. To initiate the process of approving an application for coverage, please send us a ticket .
ILC Diliman Multimedia Services Request Process Flow

For inquiries, email or call 8920-9556 / 8981-8500 loc. 2058.

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