Guidelines on DILC Instructional Material Development Grant

Instructional Materials Development Grant

1. Purpose

The grant aims to encourage faculty and REPS to develop interactive multimedia instructional materials (IM) to support instruction in the University.

2. Eligibility

2.1 Regular, full time faculty and REPS who have taught the course, for which the interactive multimedia instructional materials development is being proposed, at least two semesters, may apply for the grant.
2.2 Applicants must have excellent records as teachers of the course for which the grant is being proposed.
2.3 The track record of applicants in completing creative/research projects (whether UP-funded or not) shall be examined by the screening committee of the DILC. Those with poor track record need not apply for the grant.
2.4 Applicants may apply individually or as a group. In the case of a group, the total amount of the grant shall be prorated according to the proportion of work to be done by each.

3. Scope of Grant

3.1 The grant shall support the development of interactive multimedia instructional materials for officially approved courses. Objective and concept, process, procedure, etc. shall refer to the main teaching/learning material which presents the subject matter defined by the syllabus.
3.2 The interactive multimedia instructional material may contain quoted materials in which case the source should be properly cited. If necessary, permission from the author of the cited material should be obtained by the grantee.
3.3 The grant shall not cover proposals for non-interactive multimedia instructional materials, e.g., slides, transparencies, audio, video, etc.
3.4 Priority shall be given to courses with high enrollment, high attrition, high failure rate and core or appreciation courses best presented using interactive multimedia technology and for which no suitable multimedia instructional material (foreign or local) are available.
3.5 The grant shall be for at most 6 months for one instructional material, 12 months for two or more and, in exceptional cases, may be extended up to two to four months respectively at most, extension of which must be justified and proof of work thus far completed, presented. No additional funds shall be provided for the extension.

4. Requirements

Accomplished application form containing among others the following:
Description of proposed instructional material (IM)
Course where proposed instructional material will be used;
Number of years that proponent has taught the course;
Other courses which could use the IM (if any)

5. Procedure

5.1 Applications shall be sent to the DILC for evaluation of proposal.
5.2 The DILC shall likewise inform proponents whose proposals were not accepted and may suggest improvements for future applications.

6. Release of Funds

6.1 The grant shall be awarded in the form of a research contract indicating the purpose, expected output, and intellectual property rights of the parties involved.
6.2 Fifty percent of the grant for an IM shall be paid upon signing the contract and submission of the work plan.
6.3 The final payment of the grant shall be released after the instructional material has passed the try-out to target users and submission of the final version of the IM.

7. Obligations of Grantees

7.1 Grantees shall continue to perform their regular functions as faculty during the grant period. In no case shall the faculty be given overload pay for the material development grant. Should the recipient resign before completing the project, he/she shall automatically lose the grant and return the amount unused.
7.2 Grantees shall submit a mid-term report to the DILC Director three months after the award commences and final report within 15 days after the grant ends.
7.3 Grantees who fail to comply with the terms of the grant and those whose grants are terminated for cause during the project period shall return the full amount received. Grantees shall also be subject to other sanctions prescribed by pertinent University rules.
7.4 DILC reserves the right to rescind the contract if provision(s) in contract agreement is/are not followed.

8. Intellectual Property Rights

8.1 DILC policies on intellectual property rights are consistent with the University guidelines.
8.2 Should the result of the project become commercially viable sharing of profit will be based on University approved guidelines.


DILC Interactive Multimedia Instructional Material Development Grant

Please follow this format and supply all required information. Submit complete application to the Diliman Interactive Learning Center.
1.Name (list all authors if applying as a group)
2.Position and rank
3.Employment status (permanent or temporary) and years in UP service
4.Department/Institute, College
5.Mailing, e-mail address and telephone number
6.Date of birth
7.Education (degree completed/ school/ date graduated; include current graduate program enrolled in, if any, and number of units completed )
8.Previous academic positions and or relevant experience
9.List of relevant creative work in the last three years, if any. Supply full bibliographic information (or equivalent information for creative work).
10.Other relevant and completed research, creative and scholarly work

Details of Proposed Instructional Material:

11.Description and significance of concept, process, rule or formula. Indicate why the proposed IM should be supported; why it differs significantly from those already in use or available in market. Highlight distinguishing features.
12.Course where proposed IM will be used
13.Number of years that proponent has taught course
14.Average number of students and sections of the course (give most recent figures)
15.Other courses which could use the IM(if any)
16.Attach the following:
a.Official course description and syllabus of the course for which the IM is being proposed
b.Sample instructional material developed, if any
c.Certification that the project is doable within the requested time.

I attest to the correctness of the information presented above.

Applicant’s signature and date

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