Band members

JB Griego – Vocals, Rhythm guitars
Bok Bongalosa – Back-up vocals, Lead guitars
Bonin Genetia – Bass guitar
Mike Madrona – Drums


Alternative Rock


Headshake is a Bicolano alternative rock band composed of vocalist and rhythm guitarist JB Griego, lead guitarist Vj Bongalosa, bassist Bonin Genetia, and drummer Mike Madrona. Their musical style is basically influenced by late 90’s and modern alternative rock.

The band was formed by frontman JB Griego, Bassist Bonin Genetia and drummer Dharel Bravante (who was soon replaced by Mike Madrona) in Bulan, Sorsogon in 2006. The band underwent changes in line-up and went on a hiatus in 2007. JB Griego, together with his childhood friend and former Watin-Ak band mate, Vj Bongalosa, reformed the band in 2008 in Cavite where they recorded several demo songs. They recruited several players to complete the band, but due to differences in musical influence and occasional changes in line-up the band did not succeed. However, bassist Bonin Genetia and drummer Mike Madrona rejoined and completed the band’s current line-up in 2012.

JB Griego suggested the name Headshake for the band. JB explained the meaning behind this as being the reaction to both positive and negative situations underwent by the members of the band.

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