Helpdesk (DILC)

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DILC Helpdesk is a support ticket system for efficiently addressing concerns relating to DILC services. A support ticket can be filed at or by emailing (for UVLe-related and other concerns or (for OVLe-related issues). For the faculty, texting is also possible via 0928-839 3265.


  • consolidation of messages from various channels (email, fax, phone, SMS)
  • grouping of staff operators by departments or teams
  • alerts and notices for received messages and overdue tickets
  • reporting of team and individual performance between periods
  • autoresponse or acknowledgement of receipt of message
  • assignment or transfer of ticket to another individual or department or team
  • internal notes for tickets to help clarify the issue before sending out the response
  • knowledge base of pre-made responses
  • archival of concerns and responses; support history
  • role-based access for staff and users


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Ticket System in Action

Average number of hours to concern resolution at DILC
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SMS Module


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