Instructional Material Development Team

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Role Responsibility Rate
Author Provides concept and content of the instructional materials (IM) to develop. Writes specific content.
Coordinates with the team in pursuing the activities (e.g. conducting try-out, gathering data and revising the IM)
P 20,000/IM
Instructional Designer Reviews and advises authors, graphic / computer designer on the instructional presentation of the IM.
Recommends graphics, format and layout to make the IM user-firendly. Assist in the testing and revision of the IM
P5,000/ IM
Content Reviewer Validates the accuracy, timeliness and relevance of content to the learning objectives P3,000/IM
Language Editor Edits the text or script. Makes sure that the language used is appropriate for intended audience. P2,000/ IM
Developer Designs graphic requirements of the projects per advice of the author. Coordinates with the author and instructional designer
on the appropriateness of graphics. Programs material for ease of use.
Development Coordinator Coordinates all the activities in developing an IM--- from looking for author and topic and completing the IM team line-up
to peer-reviewing the contents to the uploading of the IM to the DILC website
P5,000/ IM