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ILC Diliman Internship


ILC Diliman promotes holistic education that includes immersive training in "real world" problem-solving and in the development and deployment of educational technologies. Current challenges at ILC Diliman include customization of online learning and collaboration platforms; audio, video, multimedia production; document and knowledge management; blended learning approaches, strategies and techniques; mobile computing for education; server management, content management; webcasting and media distribution; client support management.


  • Internship. Internship at ILC Diliman admits advanced students who would want to gain supervised practical experience in many aspects of the development, production, deployment of academic technologies.
  • On-the-Job Training (OJT) - operationally the same as Internship.



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Interested individuals are expected to sign up to express willingness to participate in the internship program.

Sample Internship Projects

The range of projects that can be undertaken at ILC Diliman is wide and differs in complexity. These are simply illustrative:

In assigning projects to interns, the ILC Diliman Internship Program also takes into account their interests and proposed thesis topics. ILC Diliman projects are meant to address urgent needs; they are not just "academic" exercises.

Benefits to Student Interns

  • Exposure to real-world challenges hardly found in textbooks and classroom settings
  • Opportunity to work with teams coming from diverse backgrounds (like computer science, film, education, computer engineering, library science, information technology, statistics)
  • Greater adaptability, self-confidence, professionalism, skills
  • Opportunity to work on projects or applications that will actually be deployed or used by UP constituents (as opposed to simply producing "proofs of concepts")
  • Enhanced resume with experiences and opportunities to apply academic concepts and principles
  • Hands-on opportunity to work on unique projects and with equipment and technologies that may not be availability at the sending institution
  • With tested skills obtained from an internship program, the student increases his or her marketability to employers
  • Internship at ILC Diliman and the University of the Philippines Diliman is also an exposure to a diverse milieu. Various theatrical, film, dance, musical presentations happen regularly on campus. The campus is a favorite place for joggers and bikers. There are numerous events highlighting cutting-edge science and engineering. ILC Diliman interns are encouraged to participate in various campus events that may contribute to their total well-being.
  • Internship at ILC Diliman can be a good place to start exploring thesis topics or problems. Interns who finish their stints at ILC Diliman are encouraged to continue working on their ILC Diliman projects and propose to their thesis advisers that the projects be (or at least form part of) their theses as well. In such cases, ILC Diliman may provide at least technical assistance to such projects.
  • ILC Diliman helps interns start figuring out where they should be professionally.

Benefits to ILC Diliman/UP

  • ILC Diliman/UP can contribute to the training of students
  • interns can provide fresh energy and perspective to the workplace
  • interns can help explore untested approaches to solving problems
  • opportunity to observe potential employees up-close


Sending Schools

The ILC Diliman Internship Program has by far worked with interns from the following institutions:

  • University of the Philippines Diliman
  • AMA Computer College
  • Asian College
  • Bulacan State University
  • Mariano Marcos State University
  • NorthWest Samar State University
  • Philippine School of Business Administration
  • Polytechnic University of the Philippines
  • Technological Institute of the Philippines

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Internship is at:

Interactive Learning Center Diliman
Room 201, DILC Building, Magsaysay Ave cor Apacible St
University of the Philippines, Diliman, QC.

Tel: (63-2) 920-9556; 981-8500, loc 2058

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