Aquino, L.D. (2010). Maglilili. Unpublished Bachelor of Arts in Film Thesis,

University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication

Dreaming is similar to thinking. The only difference is that thinking happens when one is awake and dreaming occurs while at sleep. In dreaming, the ideas being expressed are not based on the thoughts which we are aware of while we are in the waking state. Instead, it dwells on the repressed ideas that have long been buried within our subconscious. Dream is a bridge which allows us to see what lies within the subconscious through visual images and not words or concrete thoughts.

In the short narrative film, “Maglilili”, Gerardo escapes from reality and joins the Maglilili in a dream world. The film will give life to the folkloric character of the Kapampangans who lures people and makes them disappear for days, even months and when they do return, that’s the only time they would realize that they have been gone for a long time.

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Subject Index: Dreams, Subconsciousness, Pampanga(Philippine people), Sleep