Mainstreaming Disaster Mitigation, Adaptation and Preparedness Strategies through the General Education Program


Public awareness and education is a well-established strategy for mainstreaming disaster risk reduction and management practices. In this paper, the framework for a newly instituted general education course on disaster mitigation, adaptation, and preparedness strategies offered by the Institute of Civil Engineering is discussed. The main features of this course are that it presents knowledge on the subject of disaster risk management among all three domains in an integrated manner; emphasizes both independent creative and critical thinking skills, and oral, written, and visual communication skills; employs active learning strategies and out-of-class learning experiences; and helps students develop team and leadership skills. The primary goal of the course is to help students appreciate the role various disciplines play as well as the manner in which they interface with one another in the management of disaster risk associated with natural or environmental hazards.

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<flvplayer width="400">Image:GE_Zarco.flv‎ ‎‎</flvplayer> Benito Pacheco ¹ and Mark Albert Zarco²

¹Professor, Institute of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering and
Vice Chancellor for Research and Development

² Professor, Institute of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering

This vodcast is part of the UPD General Education Conference 2012