NCPAG Academic Programs

NCPAG Academic Program

The College offers the following graduate and undergraduate degree programs:

  • The Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA) program is a four-year course which provides students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in public management and instills the values of accountability, service and integrity. The latest revision of the curriculum is set to be implemented to incoming freshman of Academic Year 2013-2014.
  • The Diploma in Public Management (Dip PM) program is for professional and technical personnel interested in acquiring skills and learning techniques in public management suited to their fields of specialization.
  • There are three alternative plans under the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program: Plan A (thesis option), Plan B (non-thesis option), and Plan C (for mid-career professionals).
  • The Doctor of Public Administration (DPA) program is designed to develop the capability of students to relate basic problems and processes of Philippine public administration to the goals of national development, interpreting day-to-day problems in terms of meaningful generalizations, devising practical solutions to these problems and pointing to their long-range implications.