Network Attached Storage

For its backup needs, DILC is initiating a network-attached storage (NAS) project. The goal of the project is to deploy inexpensive, reliable, robust, scalable backup system for DILC's use. It only uses commodity, off-the-shelf parts and free and open source technologies.

Specs and Features

The system

  • uses NAS4free
  • embedded installation (USB)
  • protocols deployed SFTP, NFS, Samba, AFP, RSYNC
  • intranet only
  • ZFS (NAS1), UFS (NAS2)
  • "hot" expandable (additional 2TB hard drives can be added thereby expanding the current CONTIGUOUS volume; the limit of the number of drives is determined by the number of SATA slots available in the motherboard)
  • NAS-to-NAS syncing


In April 2013, the initial NAS configuration for Remote Site B includes a 4TB contiguous space, using 2x2TB commodity hard drives. There appears to be a 2TB-limit to individual hard drive without getting errors. "Hot swap" addition of 2TB drive was done on 8 June 2013 bringing the total size of the contiguous drive to 6TB.

Remote Site B backup is meant to cope with backup requirements that now exceed the capacity of Remote Site A (as of 21 April 2013):

Df sh of remote site A.png

By far DILC storage requirements appear to grow at a rate of about 1TB a month.


Development Team

  • Ma. Cristina Dalupan - Team Leader
  • Raff Alimbuyuguen
  • Don Cadavona
  • Thaniel Jay Duldulao
  • Dominick Tunac

Components and Costs

  • old PC with a year or two expected life left
  • commodity 2TB driveS: Php 4,935 per drive (x number of drives)

To Dos

  • Webdav integration
  • throughput optimization
  • persistent automount
  • peer-to-peer syncing of files via direct private torrent
  • NAS-to-NAS folder auto-syncing