Office of Student Scholarships and Services

The Office of Student Scholarships and Services or OSSS implements policies and decisions on and administers government-funded and private scholarships. It offers financial assistance programs such as student/graduate assistantships and student loans.

Student/ Graduate Assistanship:

Student assistantships are available to students who are willing to work for a maximum of l20 hours a month at the rate of P30/hour.

Student Loans:

Tuition Loans are available to freshman and sophomore students who may borrow a maximum of 70% of the total fees per semester and junior and senior students who may borrow 80% of total fees. Loans may be paid fully at one time or by installment. The Short-Term Cash Loan of P3,000 can be used only for education expenses (school supplies, books, etc). This amount is payable within 90 days with an interest rate of 1/2 percent per month. The OSSS implements the Socialized Tuition and Financial Assistance Program (STFAP), also known as the Iskolar ng Bayan Program. Under this scheme, students enjoy tuition discount based on their financial needs and capacity to pay.

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