Operation Save the Library from the Gen Z’s: The Effect of Web 2.0 Communication Tools in Marketing the UP Diliman University Library Electronic Database


Gabriel, J. K. (2019). Operation save the library from the Gen Z’s: the effect of Web 2.0 communication tools in marketing the UP Diliman University Library Electronic Database, Unpublished Bachelor’s thesis, University of the Philippines Diliman.

This study aims to find out what makes certain messages channeled through Web 2.0 communication tools effective to members of Generation Z, and how libraries can create more meaningful messages, to persuade them to use their services. Using semiotics and digital rhetoric as a framework, a digital-based marketing campaign was developed to promote the UP Diliman University Library Electronic Database, which served as the case study of this research. In making this campaign, insighting, creating a marketing plan, and conducting a pretest were done. Through a thematic analysis of focus group discussions and interviews, results showed that students who do not use the Electronic Database, also did not view the library as “home”. From this insight, a marketing plan was conceptualized with the tagline, “EZ with ED”, and placed a kuya-like mascot in the center. Results from the campaign pretest showed that the application of Gurak’s elements of anonymity, interactivity, reach, and speed, could be used to make messages more effective for the Gen Z. The study revealed that a carefully-planned marketing campaign that makes efficient use of Web 2.0 communication tools can increase library service usage of Gen Z.

Keywords: Web 2.0, marketing library services, semiotics, digital rhetoric, Gen Z

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