Pan Xenia Fraternity

The Pan Xenia Fraternity
Motto: All Embracing Goodwill

The Fraternity Coat of Arms

Founded: September 23, 1923

University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines

Origin University of Washington, USA
Fraternity Color: Gold and Royal Blue
Cardinal Virtues: Honesty and Business Ethics, Knowledge, Caution and Courage, Appreciation of Human Relationships

Pan Xenia is an International Honorary Fraternity dedicated to the promotion of interests in foreign trade and the establishment of higher standards and ideals of business ethics.

The mother chapter was founded on May 7, 1919 at the University of Washington by Dr. Juan Anton De Haas. The Philippine Alpha Chapter was inaugurated in the University of the Philippines Diliman by Dr. Macy Skinner on September 23, 1923.

The charter members include: Francisco Santamaria Jr., Dominador Fargas, Dalton Chen, Antonio Aquino, Anselmo Trinidad, Juan D. Quintos, Manuel Rustia.


The Fraternity’s Early Beginnings

(Write-up by Bro. Emmanuel Bamba '72)

The Pan Xenia International Professional Foreign Trade Fraternity was founded and organized in May 7, 1919 by a group of students and businessmen from the State University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. It was designed to encourage the highest forms of business relationships and goodwill among its members. Due to its meritorious aims and to the extensive business interests of its members, it did not take long before chapters were established in almost all states of the United States. The more prominent are those in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Columbia (South Carolina), and Richmond with headquarters at their respective state universities. Soon, Pan Xenia spread from the confines of the continental United States, branching out into Latin America, Europe, the Orient and even Africa. As it grew into international proportions, chapters were established in London, Hamburg, Paris, Bordeaux, Montreal, Rome, Tientsin, Soochow, Shanghai, Macau, Hong Kong, Canton, Yokohama, San Paolo, Bombay, and other international ports among them, Manila.

On September 23, 1923, Dr. Macy Skinner, then professor at the University of Washington, seat of the Mother Alpha Chapter, founded the Philippine Alpha Chapter in the University of the Philippines Diliman. Chosen professors of the School of Business Administration of the State University were inducted as associate members. Professor Fermin Tecson Francisco was designated as the first local adviser, and thus, often was referred to as the “Grand Old Man” of Pan Xenia Philippine Alpha Chapter. The few selected members who were the first regular Pan Xenians of the new chapter were Francisco Santamaria Jr., Dominador Fargas, Dalton Chen, Antonio Aquino, Anselmo Trinidad, Juan D. Quintos, and Manuel Rustia. Most of them rose to the rank of associate members.

In 1929, the School of Business Administration was recognized as a separate entity from the College of Arts and Sciences in the University of the Philippines. Coincident with the momentous event, then American Trade Commissioner Harvey Rohrer was specially designated by the United States Alpha Chapter to inaugurate a system of initiation for active, associate and honorary candidates by which only the best material for membership could successfully go through and be admitted into the brotherhood. This gave the Fraternity renewed vigor and spirit for a forceful and determined pursuit of its goals and ideals. The first round table discussion for that year was made memorable by the presence of several distinguished Pan Xenians, among whom were Dean Conrado Benitez, Bro. Lim of the United States Alpha Chapter of Seattle, Bro. Carlson of the United States Omega Chapter of Berkeley, and Bro. Harvey Rohrer.

As it pursued the ideals of business ethics and goodwill, Pan Xenia started carving a name for itself. In the 1930s, the first honorary members were inducted into the Fraternity, led by Don Leopoldo R. Aguinaldo, successful entrepreneur and proprietor of a chain of department stores. In 1932, Col. Joseph Emile H. Stevenot of PLDT was elected followed by Dr. Albino Z. Sycip of China Banking Corporation, and Japanese consuls Atsushi Kimura and Kiyoshi Uchiyama. Years later, Dr. Carlos P. Romulo, the former Prime Minister who first entered the Fraternity in the Seattle Washington Chapter, was also inducted as Honorary member at the Casino Espanol. Two years later, Jan H. Marsman of the great Marsman interests was taken in as Honorary member.

In 1939, the Philippine Beta Chapter was established by Fermin Tecson Francisco, Leonides Virata, Jose Palma, Alberto Vergel de Dios, Jose Lazaro, and Gov. Raul Garcia at Silliman University. The inauguration materialized largely through the sponsorship of the Honorary members of the Fraternity. The first governor was Capt. Isaac Eceta Jr. However, the war in the Pacific broke out and a number of Pan Xenians, including the entire membership of the Philippine Beta Chapter, perished in the battlefields.

The Pan Xenia Fraternity in the 1940s

The outbreak of the war in the Pacific cut short the activities of the Fraternity, which remained inactive through the dark years of the Japanese occupation. However, upon the reopening of classes in the University of the Philippines, steps were taken to reactivate the Fraternity. Brother Juan Z. Bagasan of the Mother Alpha Chapter in Washington brought with him the authority from Dr. Macy Skinner, retired International President of the Fraternity, to reactivate the Philippine Alpha Chapter. With him as Chairman, together with Bros. Pablo Mabbun, Santiago de la Cruz, Manuel Rustia, Cirilo Asperilla, Laureano Ma. Rivera, Salvador Gonzales, Hernando Munoz, and Dominador Torres, a committee was formed to take charge of the reactivation drive.

On March 6, 1947, the Philippine Alpha Chapter was reactivated with Dominador Torres elected as Governor and Prof. Pablo N. Mabbun as the adviser. With this as a headstart, the Fraternity resumed its activities with a post-war reunion at the Rotary Room of the Manila Hotel with Bro. Carlos P. Romulo as the principal speaker. A series of cocktail conferences followed and the Fraternity was off to a flying start. The departure of Prof. Mabbun for Japan as head of the Philippine Trade Mission occasioned the designation of a new adviser in the person of Prof. Bienvenido Y. Dizon.

Perhaps the first most important post-war activity of Pan Xenia was its role in the ECAFE, which was held in Baguio where the Philippine delegation was composed of Pan Xenians. By then, several men were initiated to the Fraternity to replace those who had perished during the war. Others too were elevated to higher ranks of membership in the Fraternity, as was Gil Juco Puyat who reached the peak of honorary membership having started as active member. Miguel S. Cuaderno Sr., who was then Secretary of Finance, became the latest addition to the ranks of honorary members.

On February 1948, a reception and dinner-dance was held to celebrate a successful year of revival with Ambassador O’ Neal and Carlos P. Romulo as guests of honor. Pan Xenians, young and old, took time out from their serious affairs and activities to relax and refresh their fraternal ties. A necrological service for the deceased Pan Xenians marked the close of the Fraternity’s first post-war year of activities.

The Silver Jubilee Celebration

In 1948, after a quarter century of existence, a two-day “Silver Jubilee”celebration was held at the Manila Hotel from December 11-12. The Governor then was Amado A. Castro, who later became the Dean of the UP School of Economics.

During the first day, a conference forum was conducted at the Champagne Room with Bro. Elpidio Quirino and Bro. Miguel S. Cuaderno Sr. as principal speakers. The conference was a panel discussion among Bros. Bienvenido Y. Dizon, Jan H. Marsman, Manuel Rustia and Salvador Araneta. There was an open forum presided by then Secretary of Commerce and Industry, Bro. Cornelio Balmaceda, and then dean of the UP CBA, Bro. Gil J. Puyat. There were other speakers, led by Bro. Delfin Buencamino, then RFC Governor, who was inducted as Associate Member just weeks earlier in the company of Dean Alberto Reyes, Prof. Conrado Sevilla and Nicanor Tomas. Toward the end of the day, excerpts of the speeches and discussions were broadcast over the radio.

The main activity for the second day was the reception and ball held at the Fiesta Pavilion. The traditional “Rigodon de Honor” led the dance, which was followed by surprise numbers contributed by three sororities.

Other memorable affairs during the Silver Jubilee were the testimonial dinners tendered in honor of Bros. Cornelio Balmaceda, Andres V. Castillo, Pablo Mabbun and Jose Ma. Espino who brought home more laurels for the Fraternity when they represented the country in various international conventions and conferences abroad.

The arrival of added honors was sustained through the next year with the election of Bro. Carlos P. Romulo as President of the UN General Assembly in 1949. It should be noted that only two weeks back, he was tendered a testimonial banquet by the Pan Xenia for initiating the Southeast Asia Conference.

Furthermore, in 1949, Bro. Miguel Cuaderno Sr. was appointed Governor of the Central Bank, a government position that was to become the exclusive preserve for Pan Xenians: Bro. Andres V. Castillo, Bro. Alfonso Calalang, Bro. Gregorio S. Licaros, and Bro. Jaime Laya. Then as now, several Pan Xenians serve in various capacities in the Central Bank.

The Pan Xenia Fraternity in the 1950s

The 1950s marked another successful decade for Pan Xenia. Early in February 1950, the Fraternity had its 27th anniversary celebrations under the leadership of Onofre D. Corpuz, who later became Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, as governor, at the Fiesta Pavilion of the Manila Hotel. A pageant parodying the initiation ceremonies characterized the celebrations to honor the Fraternity’s “Muse of the Reunion Night.” It was in this occasion that the Philippine Alpha Chapter was lauded by Dr. Macy Skinner, then International President of Pan Xenia. In a letter sent to Bro. Dominador Torres, a former governor, Dr. Skinner cited the Philippine Alpha Chapter, as “deserving of all credit for being a remarkable active and successful organization, ” adding that “it is the unanimous opinon here (US) that the Philippine Alpha Chapter had distinguished itself both by high quality of membership as well as by its initiative and its admirable activities which augur well for the future.” It was also in this particular celebration that the Fraternity was well publicized in the different newspapers of the country.

Early in April 1950, the officers of the Fraternity were unanimously elected Bros. Renator Sabater as Governor and Cesar E.A. Virata, later Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, as Vice Governor. Bros. Andres V. Castillo was reacclaimed as Chapter Adviser. The Board of Mentors was reconstituted. In June, another banquet was tendered for Bro. Romulo for having been elected as President of the Southeast Asia Conference. In this occasion, he was given the plaque and title of “Pan Xenian of 1949” for his achievements in the UN General Assembly and in the SEAU. He brought more glory to the fold when he was appointed Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

The acceptance and induction of President Elpidio Quirino as the sevent honorary member of the Chapter on October 20, 1950 established another precedent in the history of Pan Xenia. In 1951, Dr. Amado A. Castro brought more honors to the Philippine Alpha Chapter when he was elected International Vice President of Pan Xenia.

The following years saw the Fraternity active in the promotion of its objectives and ideals. It held various symposia, open for a and conferences discussion economic problems and development of the country, which caught the attention of the press. In 1955, another precedent was established in the history of Pan Xenia when the Fraternity gave recognition to companies and individuals who made valuable contributions to the development of the Philippine economy, particularly in the field of foreign trade. Elizalde and Company, Inc. headed by Manuel Elizalde and Sen. Jose P. Laurel Sr., Chairman of the Philippine Mission to the US for the Bell Trade Act, were named outstanding contributors to the Philippine Foreign Trade for 1954 by Pan Xenia.

This decade was fittingly closed by the celebration of its 36th Anniversary under the leadership of Bro. Leopoldo Clemente Jr. of Clemente Capital fame, as the governor, on February 6, 1959. A symposium was held with the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Charge d’ Affairs of Israel, and Bro. Gil Juco Puyat as speakers. The annual reunion and ball was held the next day, with the radio coverage, radio time courtesy of Bro. Emerson Coseteng, at the Camp Murphy Central Club.

The Pan Xenia Fraternity in the 1960s

In 1960, during the term of Bro. Peter Limqueco, the Philippine Alpha Chapter gained another recognition from the Mother Chapter in Seattle, Washington. In a letter sent to Gov. Limqueco, International Presiedent N.H. Engle expressed his opinion that “no chapter of Pan Xenia can exceed the Philippine Alpha in the loyalty to the cause of the fraternity”. This letter was first published in the maiden issue of the newsletter of the Fraternity.

As in previous years, the Fraternity took active part in the promotion of the highest ideals of business ethics and goodwill. It sponsored symposia, convocation, and seminars.

The year 1965 was another achievement year for the fraternity. That year, six Pan Xenians were appointed to the cabinet of the President of the Philippines. Named to the cabinet members were Bros. Carlos P. Romulo, Eduardo Z. Romualdez, Marcelo S. Balatbat, Rafael M. Salas, Gregorio S. Licaros, and Onofre D. Corpuz. Under the governorship of Gov. Lope Yuvienco, a reunion and dinner were held in honor of the Pan Xenian Cabinet members on April 3, 1966 at the Sulo Restaurant. It was also in this year that Bro. Fermin Tecson Francisco, the Grand Old Man, and Bro. Anselmo Trinidad were elevated to the Honorary level of membership.

In 1967, another three outstanding Pan Xenians were appointed to the Cabinet. Bro. Alfonso Calalang was appointed Chairman of the NEC and later Central bank Governor, Bro. Cesar Virata was named Deputy directory of the Presidential Economic Staff, Undersecretary of Industry and Director of PNB, and Bro. Gregorio Feliciano was appointed the Social Welfare Administrator. A testimonial dinner was held at the Plaza Restaurant under the leadership of Gov. Almarim C. Tillah, as governor, to honor them.

In the latter part of December, in the 1967 search for Ten Outstanding Young Men launched by the Junior Chamber of Commerce, two Pan Xenians, Bros. Jaime C. Laya and Gerardo P. Sicat, were awardees in business education and economics, respectively. In recognition of their outstanding achievements, they were honored at a dinner along with their elevation to associate membership at Bro. Emerson Coseteng’s La Vista residence in February of the following year, 1968. It was also in 1968 that the directory of the Fraternity was updated and printed through the sponsorship of Bro. Puyat. The publication of the directory was a project of the Membership Committee, then headed by Bro. Eryl Gil Buan, Vice Governor 1968-1969.

With the near expiration of the Laurel-Langley Agreement, while exploratory talks were being held with the American Panel by the Philippine panel headed by Bro. Cesar Virata in 1968, the Fraternity sponsored a University Convocation in an attempt to focus on the significant issue to the UP studentry with Bro. Virata himself as the speaker. Along this line of activity, the fraternity also held several reound-table discussion of business and economic issues with the Bros. Conrado Benitez, Antonio Gatmaitan, Ernesto Salas, Alfonso Calalang in recognition of his outstanding achievements in the field of business and economics and of his appointment as Governor of Central Bank. In furher recognition of his achievements, he was sponsored by Bro. Carlos P. Romulo, Premier Honorary Member of the Fraternity, for elevation to honorary membership. It was in the said affair, called “red letter day” Bro. Romulo, where an illustrious a man as Bro. Calalang, acknowledged that Pan Xenia is the best fraternity and vowed therefore to remain a Pan Xenian until he is fossilized and petrified.”

The fraternity sponsored a series of convocations and open fora featuring ecents and issues having major business and economics importance in 1969. Foremost of these were the Business Orientation Program, UP mock elections of 1969, the University Convocation where speaker Jose B. Laurel spoke on the Magna Carta of Social Justice and Economic Freedom, and the convocation with Sen. Jose W. Diokno as speaker on the topic “Profit Sharing Bill.” These activities were well attended by the UP academic community. At the middle of the year, Bro. Edward Dy, then Governor, presented to the resident members the amendment made to the charter of the Philippine Alpha Chapter. These amendments brought major changes in the original constitution of 1923. That same year, the maiden issue of INSIGHT, the fraternity’s news magazine edited by Bro. Eryl Buan came off the press.

The Pan Xenia Fraternity in the 1970’s

The advent of the 70’s ushered in the restlessness of the youth and the rise of the student power, characterized by the movement for reforms. The Fraternity, however, did not shirk from its commitment to propagate business ethics and goodwill. The late Senators Benigno Aquino, Jr and Gerardo Roxas, then Congressman John H. Osmena were invited to speak in various convocations on business and economics. Exhibits of Philippine-made products were also sponsored by the fraternity at that time, when Bro. Rolando C. Ramirez was Governor.

During the term of Bro. Willy Toh Lambengco, the fraternity further renewed its commitment to its objectives and ideals. To generate interests in business and economics, a series of convocations on small scale industries and export trade was held. Senator Jovito R. Salonga was invited to speak on “Philippine Trade Relation with Red China.” And to close the activities for the year, Bros. Santiago F. Dela Cruz, Manuel J. Marquez, and Pio P. Pedrosa were elevated to honorary membership during the induction rites on March 4, 1972.

The Golden Jubilee Celebrations

In preparation for the Golden Jubilee Celebrations, the Fraternity under the governoship of Gov. Bro. Victor F. B. Ventura, held a series of luncheon meetings to discuss economic problems and development needs of the country. Speakers to these luncheon meetings were Bros. Cesar Virata, Gerardo Sicat and Gil Puyat. Various sports activities and fellowships/socials were held to bring the brods closer.

The Golden Jubilee celebration was fittingly closed with the National Convention at the Manila Hilton Hotel on November 18, 1973. Under the meticulous leadership of Gov. Eduardo R. Alvarez, the long preparation for the Golden Jubilee Celebrations bore fruit. With Bro. Cesar Virata, then Secretary of Finance, as the keynote speaker of the Convention, the theme “Continuing Commitment to National Development Through Foreign Trade,” was tackled with a panel of speakers and discussants, the members of which were Pan Xenians who are in the government and private sectors. Cabinet members, professors, presidents and heads of several banks and business conglomerates attended the euphoria-filled business affair.

It was also during this convention that several Pan Xenians were elevated to Honorary Membership. They were Bros. Antonio De Las Alas, Cornelio Balmaceda, Andres V. Castillo, Sr., Gregorio S. Licaros, Sr., and Leonides S. Virata. Outstanding Pan Xenians for 1973 were also awarded to Bros. Onofre D. Corpuz, for Education and Manpower Development, Rafael M. Salas, for Population Planning, Gerardo P. Sicat, for Economics and Cesar E.A Virata, for Public Finance.

The guest acceptance as well as the guestbook itself was a veritable rundown of who’s who in Philippine Business. Indeed, Pan Xenians have mastered the business craft without having to compromise business ethics and goodwill. The fraternity’s 50 years of existence was a history of success.

It took a long while for the euphoria of the Golden Jubilee to subside. The years that follow saw the Fraternity’s active involvement in sports, academic tournament, symposia, exhibits, and seminars tackling the economic and business issues of the day.

In the late part of 1976, the fraternity sponsored KAWITAAN MULI, an all-Philippine choral tribute to a departed loyal brother, Bro. Leonides Virata, a rabid Pan Xenian whose loyalty to the cause of the Fraternity was reputedly to the extent of admirable fanaticism.

On April 3, 1977, an Alumni Homecoming and Grand Reunion was held at the Lotus Garden of th Manila Midtown Ramada under the cooperative effort of outgoing Governor Evan G. Siemens and incoming Governor for the school year 1977-1978, Larry San Diego. In this affair, the 14 living honorary members were honored and conferred with the awards of distinction. Bros. Miguel Cuaderno, Sr. and Leonides Virata, were awarded Posthumously. Several alumni members were elevated to Associate level, while service awards and certificates of merit were awarded to deserving members.

On April 29, 1978, the Fraternity celebrated its 55th annual Grand Reunion at the Manila Hotel. Elevated to the Honorary level were Bros. Jose A. Carpio, Sr., Onofre D. Corpuz, and Manuel M. Lim, Sr. Bro. Carlos P. Romulo was conferred the award of Distinction while Bros. Jaime C. Laya and Antonio P. Gatmaitan were chosen as Outstanding Pan Xenians for 1978. Several Pan Xenians were also elevated to Associate level and given Service and Merit Awards for ourtstanding services and contributions to the cause of the fraternity.

It was at the close of this decade that the Pan Xenia Rare Book Collection was given a rousing start when Bros. Delfin Buencamino and Anselmo Trinidad Sr. pledged their books for collection. Former Senator Helena Benitez, likewise, promised the rare books collection of her father, Bro. Conrado Benitez.

The Pan Xenia Fraternity in the 1980’s

The decade of the 80’s was ushered in by the fraternity with the elevation of Bro. Pete Teodoro and the election of Chief Justice Claudio Teehankee to the Honorary Level of membership. The Elevation Rites was held at the Manila Hotel in 1980 in the presence of prominent brods both in the government and private sectors.

Nineteen eighty-one was another year of high achievements for the Pan Xenians. Early thath year, Bro. Jaime C. Laya assumed the Central Bank governorship, a post previously held by a Pan Xenian, Bro. Gregorio Licaros, Sr. Bro Manuel S. Alba assumed the post of Minister of Budget. A dinner affair was held in honor of Bros. Laya and Alba at the months after, Bro. Cesar E.A Virata became the first Prime Minister and Chairman of the Executive Committee under the new parliamentary-type of government. He was honored by the Fraternity with a Testimonial Dinner held at the PICC courtesy of Bro. Juan Quintos. It was also in this year that the PAN XENIA FOUNDATION, INC. was organized and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Hopefully, with the setting-up of this Foundation, the Fraternity can institiounalize its highest ideals of Business ethics and promote its Four Cardinal Virtues on a continuing basis.

That same year, Bro. Gil J. Puyat, a brother who had nurtured the Fraternity from its early years in the university, passed away. Aside from being an acknowledged statesman, he was also rered fraternity brother. The Fraternity held a memorial service at the PICC. Bro. Santiago de la Cruz, Bro. Gerardo P. Sicat and Bro. Jaime Cariño, who spoke in behalf of Bro. Carlos P. Romulo, recalled the attributes and contributions that the late senator embodied.

The year 1982 was one of preparations for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of the Fraternity. The Diamond Jubilee Coordinating Committee was formed with Bro. J. Antonio Aguenza as Chairman. Various sports activities, symposia and exhibits were sponsored by the Fraternity during the year under Gov. Rex Ma. Mendoza.

1983 is the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of the Fraternity. The Diamond Jubilee year of the Fraternity as it marked its 60th year of existence. Under Gov. Raymond Azcarate, hectic preparations were undertaken to ensure the successful celebration of another milestone in the history of the Fraternity. A round of meetings were held with Bros. Tony Aguenza, Jimmy Cariño, Ernie Salas and Ed Alvarez to finalize plans for the Grand Reunion night held on September 23, 1983 at the Ballroom of the Manila Mandarin Hotel, Makati.

The succeeding years highlighted the growing discontent among our countrymen as the country was mired in a worsening economic and political crisis. The events during this period affected the Fraternity; some of the major activities then centered around social, economic, and political consciousess. The year 1986 ushered a new era marked by activism which swept across all classes. We saw the changing of guards at Malacañang with Ferdinand Marcos finally reluctantly giving away to a new regime under Corazon Aquino, the first woman president of the Republic. It was again a time for the Pan Xenians to come back to public service. Bro. Melito S. Salazar was appointed the concurrent Undersecretary of the Department of Trade and Industry and Managing Head of the Board of Investments. The Fraternity flourished during that time under the leadership of Gov. Nick Emmanuel C. Villaluz. Various symposia were conducted and the resident members busied themselves with the preparations for the annual anniversary. During the term of Gov. Ernestl L. Salas, Jr., new projects were initiated and conducted. One of them was the Pan Xenia Open, an inter-organization basketball tournament participated by the big orgs of UP. This event will continue to go on every year.

The Pan Xenia Fraternity in the 1990’s

The year 1991 marked the demise of the Pan Xenia Ladies’ Corps and the birth of the Adelfe Enu Crea Sorority. It was established during the term of Gov. John Marfori. In 1992, during the tenure of Gov. Glenn Alexander C. Pacia the membership base expanded in preparation of the 70th anniversary. The WHACK!, a university-wide table tennis tournament was launched and the Pan Xenia Open was resurrected. The Sagip-Dunong project, a tutorial program for public school children, was initiated. During the term of the Gov. Norlan M. Reyes, the Fraternity celebrated its 70th anniversary at Mandarin Oriental Manila. It was during this event that Bros. Manuel B. Villar, Melito Salazar, Ismael Mathay Jr, and Che W. Lin were elevated to Most Distinguished Pan Xenians.

The following year, Gov. Jesus Angelo O. Gomez took the reins and guided the Fraternity to a sterling follow-up of the 70th year. The Fraternity took the lead in discussing the consequences of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) in a symposium held at the CBA library. The Fraternity also sponsored its first film preview of critically acclaimed “Pulp Fiction”. That year also saw all seven members of the Fraternity graduating with honors from the university. Bro. Jose Raymund G. Quilop was the university salutatorian and the first summa cum laude graduate of the Political Science Program.

The fraternity community in UP fell on difficult times in the next academic year because of the unfortunate fraternity-related incidences that captured national attention. The Anti-Hazing Law was passed in late 1995 to curb similar events in the future. Despite this, the Fraternity under the able leadership of Gov. Robert David B. Almero was still able to maintain its rolls and activities. The Pan Xenia Open was re-launched and was participated in by eight large organizations in the university. The task of leading the Fraternity was passed on to Gov. Rudyard S. Arbolado. During that year, Dr. Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State, accepted the Fraternity’s invitation to a speaking engagement. The visit was facilitated through the efforts of Bro. Benedicto Mendoza. Dr. Kissinger spoke before an audience composed business and political luminaries at the Manila Hotel. He was also conferred an honorary degree by the university. In the same year, the residents welcomed the election of Gov. Arnel F. De Jesus, a partner at SGV & Co., as the chairman of the Pan Xenia Foundation.

Social awareness and continuity was the main theme of the term of Gov. Louie L. Borja. The Fraternity’s book drive for the balara elementary School yielded over 400 titles; the regular visit at a children’s home in San Juan rekindled the residents’ ties with our younger brothers there. The Fraternity successfully staged the “Stock Wars,” a simulation of the Philippine stock market. The contest was participated in by over 600 students in the university and earned rave reviews from several quarters.

This 1998, the Fraternity again earned honors with the election of Bro. Manuel B. Villar as the Speaker of the House. This is a fitting gift to the Fraternity as we celebrate our Diamond Anniversary. The preparations are already being done with the Pan Xenia Foundation Chairman Arnel F. De Jesus and Gov. Ron S. Morgia in the lead. The Grand Ball was held on September 23, 1923 at the historic Kalayaan Room of the Club Filipino in Greenhills, San Juan. Bros. Antonio J. Aguenza, Fidel M. Alfonso, Raul P. De Guzman and Francisco A. Nemenzo Jr. were elevated to Most Distinguished Pan Xenians.

The Pan Xenia Fraternity in the Second Millenium

The Fraternity entered the second millennium with Governor Rudyard Arbolado taking the lead. Governor Mark Cezar took over the leadership during the academic year 2001-2002 while Governor Gaudencio Tambaba Jr. guided the Fraternity on its 79th year.

Governor Ronald Galura took the big challenge of heading the Fraternity on its 80th year. Several activities were organized during the said year to stir the interests of the alumni brods for the Grand 80th Anniversary Dinner which was held at the historic Club Filipino in Mandaluyong City.

During the term of Governor Michael Ryan Wendam Cabigon from 2003-2004, the Fraternity embarked on several projects aim at building a good rapport not only with the College of Business Administration but also with the whole UP Community as well.

One of the noteworthy projects implemented during his term was the renovation of the UP Grandstand which was made possible by the assistance of Bro. Vicente S. Quimbo, owner and president of Novellino Wines. A Truth Forum was also conducted in the auditorium of the UP School of Economics to clear out the issues hounding the 2004 Presidential elections. One of the speakers in the said forum was Frank Chavez. The residents through the leadership of Brod. Jeremy Malana revived the Stockwars: A Stock Market Simulation game which was participated by hundreds of UP students. The event was so successful that it became a highly-anticipated event of the Fraternity each year.

After the 2-year term of Governor Michael Ryan Wendam Cabigon, Brod. Andy Quiocho guided the Fraternity into another fruitful year.Several activities that include several symposia, blood donations, medical missions, and sportsfests were organized by the residents. In his term, the 83rd anniversary dinner of the Fraternity was held at the grand ballroom of the Sulo Hotel. It is in this night that several brods were elevated to the most distinguished level of membership. They include Brod. Gov. Almarim C. Tillah, Brod. Armando Suratos, Brod. Emmanuel T. Velasco, Brod. Amado A. Castro and Brod. Antonio Gatmaitan. Another milestone the Fraternity achieved during the term of Governor Quiocho is the first ever UP FAIR night that the Fraternity sponsored, entitled Loverage. Thousands flocked into the Sunken Garden to witness Bamboo and other popular pinoy bands. Finally, a testimonial dinner for Brod Manuel Villar Jr. in recognition of his appointment as the Senate president was held at the German Club in August 26, 2006.

Governor Gabriel Limson took over the leadership of the Fraternity after Governor Quiocho graduated from the university and entered the Philippine Military Academy. During his watch, the Fraternity maintained its active participation in various activities such as the ACLE and Fratwar: From rumbles to rubbles, a house-building activity organized by the UP Gawad Kalinga. The Fraternity sponsored again another edition of the Loverage concert of the UP Fair 2008.

The 85th Anniversary Celebration

Governor Victor Dalanao Jr succeeded Governor Gabriel Enrique Limson to lead the Fraternity in its 85th year which coincided with the centennial year of UP. The residents together with some alumni brods started preparing for the 85th year activities during the summer break. Several meetings of the Governors of the Fraternity were hosted by Brod Melito Salazar at the German Club. Meanwhile, the resident brods formalized the plans during their planning seminar held at Lucena city.

The 85th year festivities were officially launched during a dinner at the Alumni room of the College of Business Administration on July 1, 2008. Several luminaries of the Fraternity which include Former UP president Francisco Nemenzo Jr., Armando Suratos, Melito Salazar Jr., Manuel Alba, Wellington Soong, Vicente Quimbo, Ismael Mathay Jr., Antonio Aguenza, and Rolando Ramirez among others attended the said event.

The next major event of the Fraternity was a lecture featuring Brod. Ismael Mathay Jr on July 24, 2008 at the College of Business Administration. Many students attended the said discussion which was the first part of the Leverage Lecture series. Come August, the Fraternity sponsored another symposium regarding Mutual funds and tips for job application. Around 130 student filled the BA room 301, making the said discussion the most attended talk among all Alternative Classroom Learning Experience topics.

Since the Fraternity was established at the month of September, the bulk of the activities of the Fraternity were scheduled during the said month. A serenade and distribution of roses last September 4 served as the launching of the Pan Xenia Fraternity Month. Other activities include a movie re-run of Narnia:Prince Caspian at the UP Film Institute, and a medical mission at Batino Elementary school on the 20th of September. The 85th year celebration ended with a bang as the alumni and resident brods gathered at the Main lounge of the Manila Polo club last September 23, 2008. During the said affair, Brods Gerardo P. Sicat, Wellington C. Soong, and Vicente S. Quimbo Jr were elevated to Most Distinguished Brothers.

Notable Alumni in Government

President/Prime Minister

Brod. Elpidio Quirino, Philippine President of the 3rd Republic
Brod Cesar E.A Virata, former Prime Minister

Senate Presidents

Brod Gil Juco Puyat
Brod Manuel B. Villar Jr (2006-2008)

Supreme Court

Brod. Claudio Teehankee Sr, Chief Justice

Interim Batasang Pambansa Ministers (June 12, 1978- June 5, 1984)

Brod. Manuel Alba
Brod. Onofre D. Corpuz
Brod. Jaime C. Laya
Brod. Gerardo Sicat
Brod. Cesar E.A Virata

Government Officials

Brod. David Kho, Representative, Senior Citizen Party List
Brod. Rafael Lotilla, Former Department of Energy Secretary
Brod. Gerardo P. Sicat, MI
Brod. Rolando C. Ramirez
Brod. Dakila Fonacier, Former BIR Commissioner
Brod. Manuel Alba
Brod. Antonio Aguenza, Former Ministry Of Mineral Resources Secretary
Brod. Vicente Quintos, President- National Tax Research Center
Brod. Cornelio Balmaceda, former secretary of commerce and industry
Brod. Carlos P. Romulo, Cabinet Member (1965)
Brod. Eduardo Z. Romualdez, Cabinet Member (1965)
Brod. Marcelo S. Balatbat,,,, Cabinet Member (1965) 
Brod. Gregorio S. Licaros, Cabinet Member (1965)
Brod. Onofre D. Corpuz, Cabinet Member (1965)
Brod. Rafael M. Salas, Cabinet Member (1965)

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Bro. Miguel Cuaderno, Governor, 1949-1960
Bro. Andress Castillo, Governor, 1961-1967
Bro. Alfonso Calalang, Governor, 1968-1970
Bro. Gregorio Licaros, Governor, 1970-1981
Bro. Jaime Laya, Governor, 1981-1984
Bro. Armando Suratos, Monetary Board Member
Bro. Juan Quintos Jr., Monetary Board Member
Bro. Melito Salazar Jr., Monetary Board Member

Local Government

Brod. Junie Cua, Current Congressman- Quirino Province
Brod Ismael A. Mathay Jr, former Quezon City Mayor
Bro. Almarim Tillah, Governor- ARMM


Brod Leon Nilo A. Dela Cruz, Current PNP Region 3 Regional Director

Notable Alumni in the Academe

UP System Presidents

Gov. Onofre D. Corpuz, former UP System President
Brod Emmanuel V. Soriano, former UP System President
Francisco A. Nemenzo Jr, former UP System President
Carlos P. Romulo, former UP System President

College of Business Administration Deans

Conrado S. Benitez, Dean UP College of Business Administration (1929-1940)
Gil J. Puyat, Dean UP College of Business Administration (1940-1949)
Jose E. Velmonte, Dean UP College of Business Administration (1949-1950)
Jovino S. Lorenzo, Dean UP College of Business Administration (1950-1961)
Cesar E.A Virata, Dean UP College of Business Administration (1961-1969)
Jaime C. Laya, Dean UP College of Business Administration (1969-1975)
Emmanuel T. Velasco, Dean UP College of Business Administration (1975-1980)
Magdaleno B. Albarracin, Dean UP College of Business Administration (1980-1986)
Cesar G. Saldana, Dean UP College of Business Administration (1986-1990)
Gerardo B. Agulto Jr., Dean UP College of Business Administration (1991-1992)
Rafael Rodriguez, Dean UP College of Business Administration (1992-1998) 

Various Deans/Professors/Academicians

Brod. Amado A. Castro, 1st dean of the school of economics
Brod. Raul P. De Guzman, UP National College of Public Administration
Brod. Gerardo P. Sicat, Well known Economics Professor
Brod. Emmanuel T. Velasco, Current Dean- MAPUA School of Business
Brod. Fidel R. Nemenzo, Institute of Mathematics UP DILIMAN
Brod. Raymund Quilop, First summa cum laude of BA Political Science program of UP Diliman
Brod. Jun Sabug, Associate Professor- Ateneo De Manila University
Bro. Rector Yabes, Professor- Phil. Women's University

Notable Alumni in the Business/Corporate World


Brod. Vicente S. Quimbo, Owner- Novellino Wines Inc
Brod. Raymund Azcarate, CFO- RFM Corporation
Brod. Epifanio Ramos, Owner- Kaboosh Clothing
Brod. Armando De Guzman, VP for Finance & Admin.- Novartis Agro-Phil
Brod. Andres Castillo Jr, First VP- Unilonseal Plastic
Brod. Joselito Benitez, Manager- Procter and Gamble (Switzerland)

Real Estate/Property Development/Construction

Brod. Manuel B. Villar Jr, Vista Land, Inc
Brod. Magdaleno Albarracin, Phinma Properties
Brod. Rex Mendoza, CEO and President- Philamlife
Brod. Tito Manalo, President and General Manager- J.E Manalo and CO., Inc
Brod. Ricardo De Guzman, General Manager- Woodward Clyde Construction Services
Brod. Ricardo Antonio De Guzman, Managing Director- Mariestad Industries
Brod. Emmanuel Victor Estrella, Asst. VP- Philippine Estate Corp.
Brod. Amado Castro, President- Victoria Realty Company

Banking and Finance

Brod Eduardo R. Alvarez, CEO- Orix Metro Leasing
Brod. Albino Sycip, founder China Bank
Brod. Jaime C. Laya, Chairman of the Board- Philtrust Bank
Brod. Biboy Gomez, VP of Citibank
Brod. Ernesto Salas Sr, Platinum Plans
Brod. Raul Policarpio, Manager, EPCI Bank
Brod. Fidel M. Alfonso, Retired Insurance Executive
Brod. Lope Yuvienco, Independent Director- ORIX Metro Leasing
Brod. Ramon Trinidad, Senior Manager- BPI
Brod. Mauro Tividad, VP- The Manila Bank
Brod. Antonio Puyat, Loyola Plans Inc.
Brod. Alden Macabales, VP- SBA Loan Officer- El Dorado Bank
Brod. Butch Peralta, VP- Nat'l Corporate Group- Citibank
Brod. Conrado Gloria, Executive VP- SB Capital Investment Corp
Brod. Jesus Angelo Gomez, VP- Citibank
Brod. Francisco Juan, President- Mutual Fund Mgt. Company of the Philippines
Brod. Alfin Laya, Chief Legal Counsel- Philippine Veterans Bank
Brod. Leopoldo Clemente Jr, Clemente Capital, Inc
Brod. Claro Bonilla, VP- Citibank Korea
Brod. Argel Astudillo, Ast. VP- Citibank
Brod. Manuel Sia Jr., Executive VP- Planters Dev't Bank
Brod. Edgar Tordesillas, First VP and Legal Counsel- Asianlife and Gen. Assurance Corp

General Merchandise

Brod. Wellington V. Soong, President- Jaguar Philippines
Brod. Renato B. Magadia, Zuellig
Brod. Johnson Tong, President- Multi-link Import and Export
Brod. Willy Lambengco, Owner- Wilmingto Imex Food Export
Brod. Ezar De Guia, General Manager-Unilab Philippines (Pediatrica)
Brod. Rolando Panlilio, RVP Enterprises
Brod. Dakila Fonacier, Tower Records
Brod. Don Leopoldo Aguinaldo, Entrepreneur


Brod. Mahar K. Mangahas, Owner- SWS
Brod. Antonio Velasquez, News Anchor- ANC
Brod. Melito S. Salazar Jr, VP for Advertising- Manila Bulletin
Brod. Danilo Pineda, Owner- Tritium Knowledge Publishing Center
Brod. Lemuel Brana, SVI Solutions, Inc.
Brod. Rudyard Arbolado, General Counsel, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Brod. Luis Sumabat, Director- Tritium Transcription Solutions, Inc.

General Services

Brod. Cesar E.A Virata, Board Member- Meralco
Brod. Col. Joseph Stevenot, PLDT
Brod. Joel Tan-Torres, Partner- SGV and Co.
Brod. Ladislao Avila, Partner- SGV and Co.
Brod. Arnel De Jesus, Managing Director- Ernst and Young (Kazakhstan)
Brod. Ismael Cruz, CEO- Qualitest Inspection Services
Brod. Jose Maria Poe III, President and COO CATs Family Security
Brod. Dominador Gregorio, Retired Partner, SGV and Co.
Brod. Daniel Ventanilla, Manager, NYK Shipping Lines
Brod. Joaquin Alcantara, VP- Educational Capital Corporation
Brod. Leopoldo Andal, Chairman- Andamar Inc.
Brod. Juan Angeles, Manager- Angeles COrp.
Brod. Wilfred Xenon Fojas, MIS Operations Manager- BPS
Brod. Crisanto Frianeza, Sec. General- Phil. Chamber of Commerce &Industry
Brod. Delfin Lucas, President- D' Lucas Farms
Brod. Ed Reataza, VP Sales & Mktg., Foodshere Inc
Brod. Mel Tomas, President- Complete Providers, Inc.
Brod. Rector Yabes, Professor- Phil. Women's University

  • NOTE: Positions indicated maybe past or present

UPAA Awardees

Most Distinguished Alumnus Award

Brod. Carlos P. Romulo 1934
Brod. Alfonso Calalang 1960
Brod. Cesar Virata 1974
Brod. Rafael M. Salas 1977 
Brod. Jaime C. Laya 1982

UPAA Professional Awards

Manuel B. Villar 2004
Dakila B. Fonacier 2002
Melito S. Salazar Jr 1996
Raul P. De Guzman 1994
Manuel B. Villar Jr 1991
Amado A. Castro 1988
Fidel M. Alfonso 1985
Marcelo s Balatbat 1981
Cesar E.A Virata 1973
Rafael M. Salas 1967
Pio P. Pedrosa 1959
Anselmo Trinidad 1958
Gil Puyat 1955

UPAA Community Service Awards

Ed Alvarez 1995
Ismael A. Mathay Jr 1983

UPAA Oblation Awards

Carlos P. Romulo 1983
Elpidio Quirino 1974

Notable Alumni in International Relations

United Nations

Brod Carlos P. Romulo, U.N Sec. General

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