Practice of Administrative Leadership and Service - National College of Public Administration and Governance

Practice of Administrative Leadership and Service
Established 1993
Category Socio-Political Organization
University University of the Philippines Diliman
Location Flag of the Philippines.png Quezon City, Philippines
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The Practice of Administrative Leadership and Service (PALS-NCPAG) is a socio-political organization based at the National College of Public Administration and Governance in the University of the Philippines Diliman. Anchored upon its core principles of Accessibility, Dynamism, Accountability, and Excellence, PALS-NCPAG has actively espoused student leadership and has been of service to the College, the University and the Country, through its conduct of socially relevant projects and activities. As the oldest socio-political organization in NCPAG, formally established in 1993, it has embodied itself as an organization that represents the student body in the struggle and advocacy for good governance.

Core Principles


PALS believes in a vision of enables, empowered, and united students.


PALS believes in the development of the country along with the advancement of its people.


PALS believes in endowing and holding students, leaders, public servants, and institutions of being responsible to their constituents and upholding moral values they are beholden to.


PALS-NCAG believes in academic excellence with social commitment.

NCPAG Student Council

In the 29th NCPAG Student Council Elections, PALS-NCPAG secured a full slate victory. Members of PALS in the National College of Public Administration and Governance Student Council for Academic Year 2021-2022 are the following:

  • Chairperson: Allondra Shaira Serdenia
  • Vice-Chairperson: Katreena Marie Dulay
  • External Affairs Administrator: Marie Yna Beatrice Marbibi
  • Finance Affairs Administrator: Joseph Sean Eli Limabaga
  • Seniors Batch Representative: Cristina Elisha Yambot
  • Juniors Batch Representative: Andrea Franchesca Camago
  • Sophomores Batch Representative: Florante Esperanzate

PALS Projects and Initiatives

PALS Grant

PALS Grant is a remote learning assistance project that caters to all students within NCPAG. Benefits given to PALS Grant scholars include weekly data allowance throughout the entire semester, gadgets, and other forms of academic assistance.

PALS Calamity Fund

PALS Calamity Fund is an annual donation drive for victims of typhoons, earthquakes, and other calamities. This is a measure that we execute in preparation for these calamities.

PA Diaries

PA Diaries is an annual event held at the start of the school year that aims to discuss the relevance of the course and possible career opportunities in the discipline of Public Administration. This is an FST initiative, especially catering to those who seek to gain a deeper understanding of PA.


PALS Cup marks the annual anniversary internal event of PALS-NCPAG. It involves teams made up of resident members taking on a series of challenges from social media postings to raising money for other initiatives such as the PALS Grant and Calamity Fund.


PALS commits to bi-monthly trainings for its residents. The topics for trainings are consensus-based and are consulted among the members.

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