Publications and UC Secretariat Section

Publications and UC Secretariat Section
Office of the University Registrar

OIC : Ma. Cecilia S. Estrada


  • Prepares materials for the UP Diliman Catalogue and other brochures
  • Prepares the commencement program
  • Maintains a mastercard file for all courses and curricula offered by the University
  • Prepares agenda, minutes and working papers of the University Council and the various UC Committees
  • Attends to transcription services
  • Attends to correspondence and inquiries pertinent to the above functions


  • Inch-Ayh Dulla
  • Maricris Peoro
  • Miccah Frayna
  • Jose Martin Matias
  • Manuel Luis de Jesus
  • Marijoe Villamarin


Publication : 9818500 local 4558 / 4554 / 4556
email :