Recommended guidelines for uploading theses on iskwiki

  1. Departments and colleges may formulate their own guidelines for archiving theses on iskwiki.
  2. Pdf is the recommended file format for any thesis to be archived here on iskwiki. The file has to have an appropriately long filename and a description or summary for better searchability by search engines.
  3. Each thesis needs a "cover page" with the following information: Title, Author, Abstract, Key Words. (Too create a cover page on iskwiki, please follow these steps).
  4. Providing the appropriate categories automatically indexes the archived thesis according to specified categories. At the bottom of the cover page, the uploader should, therefore, indicate the categories under which the thesis appropriately falls. The recommended format of these categories is:
  [[Categy:College of Blank Thesis]][[Department of Blank Thesis]][[Category:Thesis--Subject Field]][[Category:Thesis--Subject Sub-field]]

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