Sa Pagsapit ng Ika-Labingwalo

Title: Sa Pagsapit ng Ika-Labingwalo


Grande, P.G.B.(2011). Sa Pagsapit ng Ika-Labingwalo. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

This undergraduate thesis explores the concept of monstrosity in the society, deconstruction of family structure and fear of life and death as causes of the limitedness of man as a human being. It is framed by the Monster Theory, the Mythological Theory, and the theory of Psychoanalysis, with the concept of the archetypes. Through the function of surrealism embedded in the narrative, the storytelling becomes nonlinear, with the past merging with the present, implying more on the characters' self-characterization.

Subject Index: Monster Theory, Psychoanalysis, Suspense, Motion Picture, Patriarchy in Motion Pictures, Film, Motherhood, Dreams

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