Security on iskWiki

There are many levels on which security is (or can be) implemented on iskWiki.

  1. Login. Only people with UP Webmail accounts can create or modify pages on iskWiki.
  2. A page of interest can be monitored using iskWiki's "Watch" feature.
  3. Information on every change and "who did what" is recorded in the page's history.
  4. Every time a page is modified, it is "observed" under the Recent changes page.
  5. An important page can be protected by iskWiki's administrators.
  6. Before archiving a document on iskWiki, it can be formatted without cut-and-paste, printing, or download option (using free applications like Open Office, PDFCreator, PrimoPDF, PDF Printer, Codebox or non-free programs like Macromedia Flashpaper). Strictly speaking, however, restricted formats are less about computer network security than about content sharing or licensing policies.
  7. A page can be "prefixed" so that the owner or owners of the document can restrict its access and edit rights.