Snakes and ladders

Sudoku Game

The students have to traverse a traditional “Snakes and Ladders” board by answering questions taken from either a glossary or quiz short-answer questions. As they get an answer right, the dice is rolled and a random number is displayed. The game piece is moved ahead that many squares. If the game piece is in the bottom of a ladder and the answer is correct, it goes to the top. If the game piece is in head of snake and the answer is wrong, it goes to the tail.
Here's its demo page for students on UVLe.

Snakes and ladders.PNG

How to add Snakes and Ladders to an UVLe course

1. In your course page, click Turn Editing on
2. Add an activity by clicking the Add an activity or resource
3. Under Activity Menu particularly on Games activity, select Snakes and ladders then click Add button

You will be redirected to the Games Activity Settings page
4. Activity Name - it is user-defined
5. Source of questions - choose:

  • glossary - if there is an existing glossary on your course page
  • quiz - quiz that consists of short answer questions

6. Edit Snakes and ladders Options
7. Click Save and display to view your game. Enjoy!

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