Standard Operating Procedures during Emergency

26 January 2009

Memorandum No. CGCG 09-12

For : All Deans and Directors, faculty, staff, students and residents

Subject : Standard Operating Procedures during Emergency (SOP during Emergency)


For the safety and protection of the constituents of the University during emergency situations, the following are the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that sahll be observed:

1. During fraternity rumble

Unit to contact : UP Diliman Police (UPDP) - 9283615 , Special Services Brigade (SSB) and Security Guard (SGs)

For large scale fraternity rumble where the involved fraternity members use a number of vehicles, all entry/ exit points of the campus except the University Avenue are closed. All incoming and outgoing vehicles are monitored, checked adn inspected including their passengers / occupants.

2. During fire:

Unit to contact : UPDP 9283615 , Bureau of Fire Protection, Qc - 928-8363 / 924-1922

Remain calm. all circuit breakers and electrical boxes must be shut off. Affected structure(s) and nearby structure(s) shall be evacuated. UPDP and SSB shall assist in supervising the evacuation. Colleges shall activate their fire brigades for an organized evacuation during fire.

3. During medical emergencies

Unit to contact : University Healt Service (UHS) - 9818500 local 111 / 9283608 , UPDP -9283615, SSB and SG/

Security units may be requested to extend assistance during medical emergencies, e.g. ensuring safety of victim (s) and coordinating with medical unit for treatment/ first aid management.

For ambulance service, the PNRC may be contacted at 433-6568 / 433-2152/ 920-3672

You are advised to immediately coordinate with the concerned security and /or medical units of the the University during emrgency situations or in cases where an incident may escalate into a possible disaster.

For your information and guidance.

Cynthia Grace C. Gregorio Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs