Teaching Tools

These tools can help good teachers become even better. They facilitate communication beyond the classroom setting, ease instructional routines, make learning more fun and effective.

Learning Management System

  1. UVLe (uvle.up.edu.ph) is an online course management system that helps teachers run courses from a single site. It's also a platform for sharing multimedia materials.[1] More UVLe's advantages || Why UVLe is a superior platform

Collaboration Tools

Online Chat[2]
UVLe already has an online chat that can be archived for later retrieval. The alternatives include backchannel platforms like:

  1. Google Moderator - where a teacher can post questions and have students vote for the ones they would most like answered.

  2. Today’s Meet - where teachers can set up virtual classrooms. The alternative to this is Campfire that enables you to catch up with what you missed while you weren't logged in. Disadvantage to Campfire: expensive, separate platform. UVLe already has group chat, which is free.

  3. DILC Web Chat is a publicly accessible backchannel platform as well.


  1. Skype
  2. Others

Shared Desktop
Shared desktop applications enable you to show people certain things remotely. Writing words about something is sometimes less effective than just showing it to people. (More info here, here)

  1. Chicken of the VNC
  2. LogMeIn

Project Management
Project management applications can help track and manage complex projects.

  1. Fogbugz

an RSS feed icon - whenever you see this on a webpage, chances are its update can be collected automatically

RSS Reader
An RSS (Really Simply Syndication) Reader enables you to collect highly-specialized updates from various sources. An RSS feed can also be incorporated into UVLe, so the latest updates from your field can be shared with students.

  1. Google Reader

Journal writing can be an effective tool in teaching and learning.[3] In UVLe, this can be in a form of a blog that the student can publish at the UVLe site or something that the student can keep between himself and his teacher. The alternative is to have a totally public blog in places like Blogspot and Wordpress. However, blogging for a course in full view of an online public may not be appropriate for everyone.

Other Tools

SCORM Authoring


  • Prezi - zooming presentation editor
  • Keynote - animates slides and converts them to stand-alone flash
Note: Challenge presentation paradigm!

Mind Mapping and Visualization

Exam Construction

Language Tools

Resources on Instructional Design

See Also


  1. Videos can be embedded or incorporated into an UVLe page. Good sources of academic videos: Academic Earth, Ted Talks, Khan Academy, Video Lectures, DILC website (local contents).
  2. T Gabriel, "Speaking Up in Class, Silently, Using the Tools of Social Media", NYT, 12 May 2011
  3. Smith, Mark (1999, 2006), 'Keeping a learning journal', the encyclopaedia of informal education, www.infed.org/research/keeping_a_journal.htm.