Terms of Partnership with Academic Units - GreatIdeas.PH

Terms of DILC Partnership with an UP Academic Unit for the "Great Ideas dot PH" Project


  • DILC helps provide opportunities for students and faculty to work together outside the classroom environment. Learning transcends formal educational parameters.
  • DILC helps UP prepare its students for leadership roles.
  • DILC helps provide faculty members with opportunities to mentor students.
  • DILC helps provide opportunities to popularize the disciplines.


  • DILC identifies academic unit partners with the expression "in partnership with <name of academic unit partner>"
  • DILC issues certificates of commendation to the unit's faculty reps for awards or promotion purposes.
  • DILC gives honorarium to partner faculty members, if resources are available.

Academic unit

  • The academic unit partner shall provide at least two faculty members willing to:
    • help mentor students
    • help produce the "Great Ideas @UP" Symposium
    • help promote the Project
  • The unit takes concrete steps in promoting the Project--including the incorporation of the Project in their courses, encouraging students to nominate and vote for top faculty speakers.
  • The unit chooses representative faculty members with a good combination of any of these qualities or skills:
    • dedication to the Project
    • great attention to details
    • willing to work with minimal supervision
    • excellent writing skills
    • willing to spend time in guiding students who work on the Project
    • excellent in video production
    • excellent in stage production
    • excellent in marketing
    • excellent in fund raising
    • willing to learn from fellow faculty and other Project members

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