The Framing of NutriAsia Workers’ Strike

Evangelista, D.M. (2019). The Framing of NutriAsia Workers’ Strike: A Comparative Analysis of the News Coverage of the NutriAsia Workers in ABS-CBN and AlterMidya Network, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippiness College of Mass Communication.

This thesis is a comparative analysis on how the NutriAsia workers’ strike was covered by two different online media organizations: ABS-CBN News and AlterMidya Network. In order to answer the research question, “How are NutriAsia workers’ strike framed in ABS-CBN News vis-à-vis AlterMidya Network?” the researcher did a framing analysis of the videos and news articles published online by the two news media networks from June to August 2018. It examined the priming, attribution and salience, framing, and visual elements of each news reports in order to fulfill the following objectives: (1) to identify how each news coverage about the NutriAsia workers’ strike were framed by ABS-CBN News and AlterMidya Network; (2) to compare the news coverage on how NutriAsia workers’ strike were framed by ABS-CBN News and AlterMidya Network; and (3) to find out the implications of news framing in the online, alternative, and mainstream news media.

An extensive analysis of each news reports revealed how disparate an online mainstream media reports as opposed to online alternative media which relatively affected the representation of the NutriAsia workers’ strike. Results showed that ABS-CBN News provided a more balanced news report of the strike while AlterMidya Network gave a detailed and deeper understanding of the situation of the workers in the picket line.

KEY WORDS: NutriAsia workers’ strike, ABS – CBN News, AlterMidya Network, Agenda- Setting Theory, Framing Theory

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