The Great Lean Run 2016

The Great LEAN Run 2016

What is The Great LEAN Run? The Great LEAN Run or TGLR is a joint undertaking by the UP Sandigan para sa Mag-aaral at Sambayanan Alumni (UP SAMASA) and the UP Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs (UP OVCSA). It is a celebration of the life of Leandro L. Alejandro, one-time UP Student Council Chairman, and the most popular youth leader during the turbulent Martial Law years. He continues to be a prime example of how the youth can effect change through critical thought and social involvement. The 3.7 kilometer run is a special distance experiential run that includes a specially-designed obstacle course, race and chase production, among other surprise features. It will enable each participant to experience life under Martial Law, to step into Lean's slippers/sandals/shoes/flipflops (whatever you want to call it).

When and where is TGLR?

The Great LEAN Run will be held at the UP Sunken Garden and Academic Oval on November 12, 2016, Saturday.

Assembly time is 4:00PM. The First Wave begins at 5:00PM. Waves will be assigned during claiming. Make sure to claim early to get your desired wave.

The starting line is at the AS Parking Lot, in front of Palma Hall, UP Diliman, Quezon City.

Who may join the run?

Anyone can join the Run but participants who are below 18 years old must have their Registration Forms signed by their parents. Non-runners and walking participants are also welcome. This is a fun run so this is for everyone who wants to enjoy the experiences and surprises the course has to offer.

Where to register and pay?

Participants may register at the following venues:
Vinzons Hall, UP Diliman-October 14, 15 and 16, 2016 and October 21, 22 and 23, 2016, 9AM to 5PM, (Fridays to Sundays only).
Vinzons Hall, UP Diliman-October 24-28, 2016 and November 3-4, 2016 and November 7-10, 2016
Payment may be through bank deposit:
Bank: BDO
Account Name: SAMASA Alumni Association Inc.
Account Number: 007168004882

Some schools and student organizations will be joining as a group. You may coordinate with your school or org representative.

How much are the registration fees?

Students - P350.00 (special rate)
Regular - P800.00
Participants shall be issued 1 singlet, 1 bib and a Race Kit. Singlet sizes are issued on a First Come, First Served basis. REGISTER and PAY EARLY!!!

What are the schedules and deadlines?


Vinzons Hall, UP Diliman-October 14, 15 and 16, 2016 and October 21, 22 and 23, 2016, 9AM to 5PM, (Fridays to Sundays only).
Vinzons Hall, UP Diliman-October 24-28, 2016 and November 3-4, 2016 and November 7-10, 2016 at Vinzons Hall.
NO ISSUANCE of race kits on the day of the Run


There will be 10 waves of 150 participants each. Bibs shall contain the wave number on the upper right hand corner and embedded in the bib barcode.
Assembly Time starts at 4:00PM
First Wave starts at 5:00PM. Succeeding waves shall start every 30 minutes.
Wave participants are expected to be at the Starting Line at least 15 - 20 minutes before Gunstart of their respective waves.

NOTE: For effective management of foot traffic, please proceed directly to the Race Pen upon arrival.

What to wear?

Participants should wear comfortable clothes and footwear. The singlet must be worn with the bib pinned infront at all times. The belt with the three (3) ribbons must we worn around the waist with all the ribbons always displayed prominently.

What can I expect from the race?

Each participant will be issued three (3) ribbons that will be tied to the waist. Each ribbon will represent life, liberty and property.

The object of the run is to survive in the shortest time with as many ribbons intact as possible. The obstacle course, the race and the chase will have participants come face to face with the dreaded elements of Martial Law who will snatch ribbons from them. Along the way, participants will be able to feel how it is to "lose one's rights".

To be eligible for a prize, a participant must finish with at least one (1) ribbon on his waist. If all ribbons are lost, it would mean that the participant did not "survive" Martial Law. He will still be allowed to finish the Run and his time will be recorded but he will not be eligible for a prize.

Race rules, and dos and don'ts

Helping Other Participants

Participants are allowed to help each other complete the challenges of the obstacle course. However, at the No Man's Land, participants shall no longer be allowed to help one another.

Physical Contact with Martial Law Elements

No physical contact is allowed between participants and Martial Law elements. This includes touching, fistfights, pulling, pushing, kicking, tackling, scratching and other similar acts.

Participants and Martial Law elements are strictly prohibited from throwing anything at each other.

Violators will immediately be disqualified and removed from the Run.