Tindig sa badya ng yanig

Villanueva, J. (2019). Tugon sa Badya ng Yanig: Barangay Barangka’s Earthquake Risk Mitigation and Preparedness, Unpublished Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication

This thesis describes the communication practices of the residents of Barangka, Marikina City. By integrating Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory, Family Types model (Koerner & Fitzpatrick, 2006), and the model of Motivating Disaster Preparedness Through Risk Communication (Abunyewah et al.,2018), the concepts of earthquake communication preparedness, risk mitigation behavior, and practices at the individual, family, and community level were investigated. Through a series of qualitative Face to Face Interview with chosen key informants and residents as well as Focus Group Discussions with selected family members, the participants shared their disaster preparedness practices. Findings show that informants still lack scientific knowledge about earthquakes. Fear and experience showed to have influences in building the informants’ preparedness and composure in facing the Big One. When it comes to family communication, the utilization of social media and the consumption of news articles appear to keep the members connected with one another. Residents appeared to be focused on making a living and trying their best to provide for their respective families, hence, earthquake-related matters are set aside. Given that the society prioritizes anything that leans towards better livelihood, earthquake preparedness is not one of their main concerns even if Barangay Barangka lies directly on top of the West Valley System.

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