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UP Aperture is a non-profit, specialized organization which believes that the art of photography is a tool capable of exposing the real situation and plight of the Filipino people.

As a young organization founded on June 10, 2011, the organization has covered several events within and outside the campus. With primary focus on the field of photojournalism, the organization aims to train anyone who is interested in using photography as a means of showing realistic photos of one’s environment.

Beyond photojournalism, the organization also holds photography workshops ranging from basic photography, to specialized forms which include Street Photography, Photojournalism, Documentary Photography, Portrait Photography, Landscape Photography and Editing, among others.

To further develop one’s skill, UP Aperture not only trains practitioners of the form, but also encourages them to give focus and significance to the content of every photograph. The organization holds frequent educational discussions on social issues in order to maintain social awareness on issues at hand. This, in turn, enables one to shoot photographs with both content and context.

Beyond theory and photography, UP Aperture also practices its ideals by means of community organizing, mass integrations and photowalks outside the campus. With the captured photos of various subjects, the organization aims to create a significant effect towards the key players of art -- the masses. By showcasing photography exhibits in both physical and digital form, the photographs taken become not just a simple display of affection, of pity, or of disgrace, but a call for every viewer to take action.

Through these activities, the organization aims to promote the active participation of every photography enthusiast to producing socially relevant photographs, both as a media practitioner and as a citizen of the nation.

For over a year now, the organization has, and will continue to serve the people through photography.


Academic Year 2013 - 2014

Chairperson: Ma. Demerie Dangla (BA Broadcast Communication)

Vice Chairperson for Internal Affairs: Mariel Urbiztondo (BA Film)

Vice Chairperson for External Affairs: Luis Adrian Hidalgo (BA Journalism)

Vice Chairperson for Academics: Matt Andrei Gaticales (BA Film)

Vice Chairperson for Finance: Kharina Mostrales (BA Journalism)

Secretary General: Marianne Loren Ongjuco (BA Journalism)

Faculty Advisers:
Prof. Arminda Santiago (UP Film Institute)
Prof. Roselle Pineda (UP Department of Art Studies)



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  • Email address: upaperture@ymail.com

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