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UP Bannuar is an officially recognized organization of Ilocano students in the University of the Philippines, Diliman.

"In service, we find life."


The UP Bannuar was recognized by the Office of Student Affairs of UP Diliman on June 27, 1995. The constitution of the organization was drafted and ratified in Quezon Hall by 32 idealistic UP Diliman students who were all from Ilocano-speaking provinces. The founding Chairperson of UP Bannuar is Manong Armand Talbo who graduated from the Ilocos Sur National High School.

The organization was established to cater to the needs of the youth of Northern Luzon. UP Bannuar has responded to these needs through the two pilot projects which were intended to train the youth in articulating their thoughts, becoming more aware of current events, and being involved in social issues.

In the year 2006, UP Bannuar added another pilot project, a program carefully designed to train young Ilocano students to be responsible and principled leaders, the Leaders' Forum. Because of the organization's objective to gather the young scholars of Northern Luzon, in 2007, UP Bannuar launched the 1st Northern Luzon iSKOlars' Cup which garnered an unexpected high rate of participation by 3 regions—Regions I & II, and CAR.


Debate Seminar & Debate Tournament

The debate seminar & tournament aims to train the participants’ skills in communication and argumentation. These skills are necessary for the enhancement of the participants’ leadership potentials and competence. The event includes the following debate formats: Oregon-Oxford, Asian Parliamentary, and the British Parliamentary. Also, as we envision making the participants more adept in debating, we will have a lecture-workshop on adjudication.

Leaders’ Forum

The Leaders' Forum serves as the venue for brainstorming of ideas and formulating solutions to the current issues and problems in our society. It aims to promote awareness and encourage students to develop interest on social issues.

ISKOlars’ Cup

The ISKOlars’ Cup serves as the venue for academic excellence. It aims to foster critical thinking and promote sportsmanship and camaraderie among participants.

The Executive Board (2011-2012

Chairperson: Mark Gabriel Vicencio
VC for Internal Affairs: Anne Klein Jacob
VC for External Affairs: Eloisa Katrina Madamba
VC for Finance: Xandra Jizelle Reyes
VC for Academics: Eugene Carmelo Pedro
VC for Debate: Jamila Lucas
VC for Membership: Lilibeth Maeh Bravo

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