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Brief History and Principles

UP BLC, the premier SLIS student organization, started as a joke. It jokingly stood for the “Book Lovers' Club” back in 2008, when a group of students were lounging around, throwing ideas back and forth on how the state of Library and Information Science (LIS) could further be empowered. Two years later those same students are still joking around, tossing plans – except that these students are now bringing those plans to life, and that BLC, now UP Bibliotech, has become a duly-recognized, socio-academic organization.

UP BLC believes in three principles: service, distinction, and ingenuity. These principles, the members believe, are at the core of LIS. UP BLC is one with the rest of the UP community in serving the people through the delivery of proper information along with the academe. We believe that everyone can help in distinct and unique ways, and that each part of the community aids the whole. Ingenuity comes from the interdisciplinary nature of LIS. Just about every member of UP BLC has come from a variety of courses; rather than look back on the past we think about how our experiences shape us and how our pasts can enrich how we conduct ourselves as LIS students: we think out of the box due to our variety and our experiences.

Officers & Advisors

President (Officer-In-Charge): April S. Alejandrino

Vice President: Madonna Camille M. Mamuri

Membership Committee Head: Krisanto Miguel B. Gamara

Finance Committee Head: Kristhine Bernadette R. Gaor

Records and Documentation Committee Head: Deoji O. Trinidad

Special Projects Committee Head: Zyrel Jan V. Morales

Publicity and Publications Committee Head: Jason James R. Azul

Academics Committee Head: Sara Gabriella L. Santillan

Faculty Advisor: Rhea Rowena Apolinario

Co-Faculty Advisor: Johann Frederick A. Cabbab

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