UP Diliman Police



The primary missions of the UPDP are to maintain peace and order, secure and protect lives and property, enforce basic laws, applicable Quezon City Ordinances, and University Rules and Regulations including policies and standards; and to perform such other functions relative to the general safety and security of students, employees, and residents in the U.P. Diliman Campus.

These missions are translated into the following: implementation of crime preventive measures; apprehensions, investigation and prosecution of violators of laws, ordinances, and regulations; direction and control of foot vehicular traffic; the suppression of fire and other hazards; the protection of U.P. property against the encroachment of squatters; and the implementation of orders/directives/instructions emanating from the Office of the University President and/or from the U.P Diliman Chancellor.

Short and Long Term Roles Responsibilities and Vision

  • The UPDP personnel must be required to undergo rigorous special training different from the program of instruction adopted by the PNP. The training must give more emphasis on subjects such as human relations, human psychology, community relations, and life-saving techniques. Unarmed self-defense and firearms proficiency should also be given emphasis.
  • Upgrading the police equipment is necessary. Police vehicles which had been used for over five (5) years must be replaced with new ones. This includes modernizing the U.P. Fire Brigade.
  • Installation of security devices like automatic alarm systems in academic buildings and offices should be gradually adopted. Maintenance cost for security will be cheaper in the long run than complete reliance on security guards alone.
  • Modernizing U.P. Diliman in terms of personnel and equipment would redound to the best interests of the University community.
  • Beefing up the police strength from the present complement of sixty seven (67) to one hundred sixty (160) officers and men would be most ideal to this fast developing academe. It should be kept in mind that the mission of the University to educate the youth shall be achieved only through an atmosphere of complete peace, order, and tranquility.

Services to the Public

  • Issuance of Police Clearance;
  • Assistance in filing of complaints;
  • Issuance of reports/records;
  • Police security for special activities;
  • Police Assistance


Desk Office - 9283615 / 9818500 local 113
Fire Station - 9818500 local 115
Chief - 9818500 local 4001
Admin Section - 9818500 local 4002
Anti-Squatting Task Force - 9818500 local 4003
Patrol - 9818500 local 4006
Investigation - 9818500 local 4004 & 4005
Property - 9818500 local 4007
Radio Room - 9818500 local 4008
Traffic Operation - 9818500 local 4009 & 4010