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The Euro-Filipino Understanding and Relations Organization or UP EURO is a duly recognized university-wide student organization based in the Department of European Languages of the College of Arts Letters of the University of the Philippines Diliman, which caters to the interests of those who envision a mutually beneficial common future between the Philippines and Europe. It was founded on 25 September 2002 by a group of European Languages students. It was first recognized by the College of Arts and Letters as a college-based student organization in 4 December 2002. Then, in July 2003, UP EURO was given university recognition by the University of the Philippines Diliman’s Office of Student Activities.

Since the earlier part of 2003, the officers of the organization have been conducting visits to embassies and cultural centers. Among those visited by UP EURO members were the Royal Belgian Embassy, the Delegation of the European Commission to the Philippines, the Embassy of France, the Embassy of Germany, the Alliance Française de Manille and the Instituto Cervantes de Manila. Also, UP EURO has been creating partnerships with its counterpart student organizations outside UP, such as the Ateneo Lingua Ars Cultura of the Ateneo de Manila University, the Corps of Diplomats of the College of Saint Benilde, the International Society of the College of the Holy Spirit, and the European Studies Association of the De La Salle University.

Every semester, UP EURO is accepting applicants through personality development and team-building activities. Since its first application process, UP EURO has taken in high-quality members, and thus, it has produced a great number of high-quality projects for a large audience – the UP community, other Philippine universities, exchange students, public high school students and even the diplomatic corps in the country.

Last academic year 2010-2011 was a favorable one for our organization. Our main projects and events included our 8th Anniversary Week, Cultural Night, Embassy Visits to the Embassy of France and the Embassy of Spain, Lecture Series, Career Orientation and Foreign Service Seminar, and the Euro Summit 2011, an annual event which convenes students and specialists of European Studies in the Philippines to discuss pertinent topics which concern the discipline.

Now on our 9th year as a duly recognized organization, UP EURO has indeed proven itself to be one of the most promising and continuously growing organizations of the university, eager to reach greater heights, to look beyond and to achieve even more.


Academic Year 2011-2012 Second Semester

Executive Board:

President : Karla Banayat


Administration: Katherine Camille Abby Elizan

Communications: Lovey Ann Marquez

Finance: Divina Trisha Parungao

Operations: Roselle Marcos

Relations: Marielle Kristine Ebao




Human Resources: Paquito Tabago, Jr.

Internal Affairs: Krystle Leslie Co



Documentation: Xonja Michelle Ramos

Publicity: Samantha Claudene Sayo



Fund Management: Madelaine Co

Marketing and Events: Alya Monina Rodriguez



Academic Affairs: April Joy Lorenzo

Community Extension: Ma. Criselda Hingada



External and Alumni Relations: Marie-Emille de la Cruz

University Affairs: Sandi Araquil

Past Activities

Listed are some of the activities that the organization has spearheaded over the years:

Career Orientation and Foreign Service Seminar*

Music Academy 1 and 2

Great UP Run


EURO Academy**

Mellow Everywhere

EURO Lecture Series**

Christmas Cheer

Outreach activities*




European Embassy Visits**

European Mini-Fair***

Cultural Night***

EURO Exhibit***

Philippine Summit on European Studies*

* Held annually
** Held every semester
*** Held during the anniversary week

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