UP Gears and Pinions

UP Gears and Pinions

It all began from a great idea of Mechanical Engineering students graduating batch '56. These men had a vision of forming an organization for the mechanical engineering majors to promote camaraderie and unity among students. It would also serve as a medium for promoting academic excellence.

In 1955, the UP Gears & Pinions was founded. The organization served as a venue for social and co-curricular activities to balance the rigorous and difficult demands of the course.

Through the years, the organization has consistently undertaken projects that have benefited the members, the college, and the community. Some of its recent activities and projects include the highlights of ME Days celebration: The Diliman Motorshow, where car enthusiasts showcase their automobiles and their skills in car maintenance and upgrading; The Great Cover-UP, where different organizations participate in the covering of worn out books from the engineering library; the Machine Design Contest, which aims to showcase the creativity of students. These projects were initiated to diversify the capabilities beyond the ordeals of academics, which proves that the members of the Gears and Pinions are, indeed, well-rounded individuals that will be versatile engineers of the future.

President: Heinrich Gasacao
VP (Externals): Janina Argete
VP (Internals): Austin Perez
Secretary: Marian Mesina
Treasurer: Melissa Dee
PRO: Antoinette Libera, Bryan Aquino




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