UP Jambangan

The University of the Philippines Jambangan (UPJ) is a non-stock, non-profit, duly recognized student organization in the University of the Philippines Diliman. Established since 1991 in the academe, it is an organization known for academic excellence and is the beacon of hope for the citizens of Zamboanga City. UP Jambangan continually upholds itself as the training ground for leaders and the standard for the youth and uncompromisingly promotes social awareness to its members and community through its meaningful activities.

UP Jambangan Seal


UP Jambangan (UPJ) was founded by a group of friends in 1991. All coming from Zamboanga, they decided to form a provincial organization and hold activities back home to serve their fellow Zamboangueños.

It had 28 founding members with Raymond Royales as its president and its first adviser was Dr. Waldetrudes Sison also known as Dra. Wild. The first org tambayan was in Vinzons Hall and eventually, the org relocated to several venues like Kamia Residence Hall, Yakal dining hall, Vinzons Hill, and many more.

The organization focused on activities like the annual DARE DISCO, recruitment talks, UP Fair Booths, registration assistance and the like. It also held yearly quiz shows, outreaches, sem openers, and sem enders. During these times, Jambangan was considered the epitome of a provincial organization, and set the standards for other provincial orgs.

In the year 1999, the organization crumbled. A mass resignation of officers due to disagreement regarding how the organization was being run triggered this downfall. UP Jambangan was inactive for 5 years after that.

In 2004, however, UP Jambangan was again recognized under the leadership of Angeli Maye Natividad with 16 members and a tambayan on Vinzons Hill. Then the Jambangan logo was created and the first interactive quiz show called “Wired” was held. The organization stayed active for a year before again slipping into dormancy.

June 2006 saw the revival of the then inactive organization. Members of the old Jambangan met and elected a set of officers led by Leoneil John Francisco that brought Jambangan several projects and activities both in Manila and in Zamboanga City. The set of officers elected, most of which are serving their second terms, focused on building friendships within the organization and establishing ties with other organizations for future partnerships, as well as gaining exposure in Zamboanga City.

After two years (2008), Jambangan again suffered several organizational problems. It went to another period of hiatus. And finally, in 2010, Arnie Bong Fernandez Arquiza (current UP Jambangan president) called for the reestablishment of UPJ.

UPJ Executive Committee (AY 2012-2013)

President : Fatima Shaneen Bara | Vice President for External Affairs : Charles Ranier Tan | Vice President for Internal Affairs : Quinn Denmark Braga | Vice President for Education and Research : Meliton Chiong III | Vice President for Promotions and Publicity : Ephraim Ders Murro | Vice President for Finance : Martin Go | Vice President for Logistics : Al-khadeem Ahmad | Secretary General : Ellaine Rose Tan | Faculty Adviser : Dr. Ma. Crisanta Nelmida-Flores

Vision, Mission and Goal


Jambangan - a UP Diliman student organization reaching out to Zamboangueño students all over the world by providing academic assistance and friendship to those in need. It is an organization known for academic excellence and is the beacon of hope for the citizens of Zamboanga City. It is the training ground for leaders and the standard for the youth.


UP Jambangan aims to foster unity and camaderie between and among UP Students from Zamboanga City Basilan and Zamboanga Sibugay for the enhancement of socio-civic, cultural, and environmental consciousness and in the promotion of academic excellence.


UP Jambangan fulfills its goal by conducting seminars about various topics, holding competitions in Zamboanga City to foster excellence, render service by having builds, medical missions, and blood drives for the benefit of the Zamboangueño people. It also helps citizens of Zamboanga City by building relationships between UP students and the high school students in the city.


UP Diliman students who have roots from Zamboanga or are interested in Zamboanga's culture, you may join UP Jambangan. Please contact Bess de Guzman[1] at upjambangan@gmail.com or 09167403391.