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University of the Philippines Political Society
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Motto Breathe Politics
Founded 24 August 2003
Category Political Science Organization
Location East Wing, Palma Hall, University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City
Affiliations Association of Political Science Organizations of the Philippines (APSOP)
CSSP Academic Circle
FOI Youth Initiative (FYI)
Faculty Adviser Asst. Prof. Francis Joseph Dee
Website uppoliticalsociety.com
Email Address uppoliticalsociety@gmail.com
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Twitter @UP_POLSCi
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The University of the Philippines Political Society (UP POLSCi) is the youngest academic organization based at the Department of Political Science, College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, University of the Philippines – Diliman resting upon the pillars of Leadership, Service, Excellence, and Politics.

The organization stands firmly by its principles of Academic Excellence, Progressive Leadership, Diversity in Activism, Critical Thinking, Political Awareness, and Political Involvement. UP POLSCi aims to promote Political Science as a tool in understanding and transforming society.


It all began with small group discussions of Political Science majors that endeavored to shed light on exigent issues confronting their society at that time. They asked whether: “Is it possible to synergize theory and practice, to study both the theories and realities of political life?”

In 2003, their attempts to answer this question gave birth to the establishment of a student organization exclusively for Political Science majors; naming the organization the University of the Philippines Kalipunan para sa Agham Pampulitika, or UP KMAP.

Weeks and months wore on as UP KMAP gradually refined its identity, principles and structural organization and the organization slowly took shape in the hands of its initiators, despite the absence of formal leadership. Towards the close of the academic year, the members changed the name of the organization to the University of the Philippines Kalipunan sa Agham Panlipunan or UP KASAPi. The founders persevered toward the goal of formal recognition by the college. By this time, an Executive Committee was established by collective appointment and new members were invited to the organization. With increasing zeal and unflagging enthusiasm, the founders of UP KASAPi finished what they originally sought to do with KMAP.

It was at this juncture that an important phase of the organization’s history occurred – the organization was renamed University of the Philippines Political Society, UP POLSCi. It was under this name that the organization took its final form, and formal recognition by the college was granted in July 2004.

The UP POLSCi journey does not end here. UP POLSCi continues to look forward, march forward, and climb upward to new heights.

Vision and Mission

The UP Political Society envisions itself as the premier political science organization in the University of the Philippines by upholding the pillars of leadership, service, excellence, and politics. It is dedicated to promote the study and application of political science as a tool in understanding society.

To establish a student organization aimed at reconciling the seemingly irreconcilable dualities of theory in the study of Political Science and practice in the affairs of the community, as well as integrating relevant political participation and enlightened partisan activity.

The Executive Committee and Standing Committees

The Executive Committee of UP POLSCi is composed of eight (8) officers of the organization: the President, the Vice President for Documentation and Logistics, the Vice President for Education, Research, and Training, the Vice President for External Affairs, the Vice President for Finance, the Vice President for Internal Affairs, the Vice President for Membership and the Vice President for Publicity and Publications.

There are seven standing committees in the organization: the Documentation and Logistics Committee (DLO), the Education, Research, and Training Committee (ERT), the External Affairs Committee (EXTER), the Finance Committee (FIN), the Internal Affairs Committee (INTER), the Membership Committee (MEM), and the Publicity and Publications Committee (PUB), which publishes the organization's newsletter, The Sword. Each committee serves as a limb of the organization, performing the organization’s functions concerning its respective field, initiating activities it aims to undertake, provided it is within the limits accorded to them by UP POLSCi.


President: Marqz Verone Olivar
Vice President for Documentation and Logistics: Ian Royce Fadol
Vice President for Education, Research, and Training: Vienne Rose Delmonte
Vice President for External Affairs: Dannah Fenellah Victoria
Vice President for Finance: Andrea Nicole F. Fadrilan
Vice President for Internal Affairs: Joshua Cris Aguilar
Vice President for Membership: Regina Chloe Menor
Vice President for Publicity and Publications: Herby Jireh Esmeralda


Campers after the Tree-planting activity at PX5

Politics 101 Camp - Ped Xing

This project, known as the POLITICS 101 CAMP, is one of the major events of the UP Political Society every academic year. To be spearheaded by the organizations’ Executive Committee, the project aims to cater the potentials of the youth as future effective leaders of the society. Target participants of this camp would be high school students from the National Capital Region and nearby areas. This project aims to introduce Political Science both as a discipline and a practice by allowing the participants to understand current events through a scientific analysis of politics.

Educational Discussions

Part of the organization's aim for academic excellence, critical thinking, political awareness, and political involvement are UP Political Society's regular educational discussions (ED). Spearheaded by the Education, Research, and Training Committee (ERT), these group discussions, conducted once every month at the very least, aim to increase awareness and to be able to make stands for each, as a response towards issues and all its aspects in the current society.


This annual election event aims to engage CSSP candidates from all political formation in a critical debate on pressing college, university, and national issues. Furthermore it allows for the CSSP student body to know better the people who are soon to lead them as members of the college's student council.

UP POLSCi Goes to Rizal High School

Political Science Tour

This project aims to introduce the discipline of political science to graduating high school students by visiting their schools and providing talks on the nature of the discipline and career opportunities one might explore after finishing a degree in political science.

Voter Registration Satellites

Guided by the principles of political awareness and political involvement, UP POLSCi, in partnership with the Commission on Elections (COMELEC), holds satellite registrations in selected barangays of Quezon City. This activity aims to amplify the involvement and participation in politics of the residents of these barangays.

The Sword

The Sword is the organization's newsletter published at least twice a year, under the supervision of the Publicity and Publications Committee. It contains 12 pages - Front Page, two (2) pages for News, three (3) pages for Editorial and Opinion, four (4) pages for Literary and Feature, and two (2) pages for Entertainment / "Fun Page". The editorial board, including the Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, and Layout Editor, is chosen through a set of examinations provided by the Publications and Publicity Committee. Contributions, however, are open to all members.


• Natatanging Organisasyon ng CSSP, Kagalingang KAPP 2012
• Ikalawang Natatanging Organisasyon ng CSSP, Kagalingang KAPP 2011
• Ikalawang Natatanging Organisasyon ng CSSP, Kagalingang KAPP 2012
• Most Visible in Social Media, Kagalingang KAPP 2014
• Champion, ASEAN Cultural Night 2015
• Champion, ASEAN Cultural Night 2014
• Champion, ASEAN Cultural Night 2013
• Champion, ASEAN Cultural Night 2010
• Champion, ASEAN Cultural Night 2009
• Champion, Mx. Polis 2017
• First Runner-up, Miss Polis 2015
• Champion, Miss Polis 2014
• First Runner-up, Miss Polis 2013
• Champion, Miss Polis 2012
• Champion, Miss Polis 2011
• 3rd place, Miss Polis 2010

Association of Political Science Organizations of the Philippines (APSOP)
• Academics Committee Director Organization, 2013-2014
• Internals Committee Director Organization, 2012-2013
• Externals Committee Director Organization, 2010-2011
• Externals Committee Director Organization, 2009-2010

CSSP Academic Circle
• Vice Chair Organization, 2016-2017
• Vice Chair Organization, 2014-2015
• Publicity Head, 2013-2014
• Chair Organization, 2011-2012
• Finance Head, 2010-2011
• Finance Head, 2009-2010

Diliman Rights Watch
• Education and Research Committee Chair Organization, 2017-2018
• Education and Research Committee Member Organization, 2017-2018

Notable Political Elites

The UP Political Society stands proud of having as its affiliates these men and women who are distinguished in their chosen fields.

• Ryan Nicolas, Sinag Editor-in-Chief, 2017-2018
• Joseph Lumanog, Sinag Editor-in-Chief, 2005-2006
• Ryan Balisacan, Sinag Editor-in-Chief, 2003-2004; Philippine Collegian Issues Editor, 2005-2006

Association of Political Science Organizations of the Philippines (APSOP)
• Reiner Gallardo, Deputy Secretary-General, 2013-2014
• Ma. Reinna Bermudez, Secretary-General, 2010-2011

CSSP Student Council
• Bea Balbacal, Councilor (Secretary General), 2017-2018
• Samuel Cruz, Councilor, 2017-2018
• Menille Leyble, Political Science Department Representative, 2017-2018
• Christian Gio Senarlo, Councilor, 2017-2018
• Regina Bagaforo, Political Science Department Representative, 2016-2017
• Amer Madcasim, Political Science Department Representative, 2015-2016
• Ryan Nicolas, Councilor, 2015-2016
• Aubrey Sheldian Lagbas, Councilor (Head, Committee on College Safety and Security), 2013-2014
• Kris Sarah Jeruta, Councilor (Finance Committee Head), 2013-2014; Political Science Department Representative, 2012-2013
• Jearelle Marie Garrovillo , Councilor (Students Rights and Welfare Committee Asst. Head), 2012-2013
• Paolo Dominic Macariola, Political Science Department Representative, 2011-2012
• Daisy Margaret Ducepec, Councilor (Students Rights and Welfare Committee Asst. Head for Special Events), 2010-2011
• Ron Ranier Reyes, Councilor (Students Rights and Welfare Committee Asst. Head for Students Issues and Advocacies), 2010-2011
• Meryllainne Rhacquel Lambino, Councilor (Publicity Committee Head), 2009-2010
• Arianne Reyes, Chairperson, 2005-2006
• Pauline Caspellan, Secretary-General, 2005-2006

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