UP Tangway

The Organization

UP Tangway is a duly registered organization composed of UP Diliman students most of which hail from Bataan. It has endured 30 years of good and bad times, and has been growing, both in number and accomplishments. Through the years, UP Tangway has changed a lot, but its commitment in serving the province of Bataan and its people, especially the youth, never ceases. Its activities that target academic excellence, camaraderie and assistance to Bataeños continue, and will continue. And its lessons and memories will be passed on from the old generation to the next.


December 10, 1985 marked a big chance in the lives of University of the Philippines Diliman students who are from Bataan. The willingness to serve and promote academic excellence, discipline and social awareness became the common ground for these young people. Under the advisory of Mr. Reil Cruz, an instructor at the Asian Institute of Tourism, on the second semester of that school year, UP Tangway became an official organization of students from Bataan in UP. Bataan is a landform termed as tangway or peninsula. It is a landmass surrounded by bodies of water which unlike an island has a corner connected to another landmass. And so the organization was named Tangway.

Through the years, UP Tangway has its share of dilemmas – financial, political, social, personal – but for 30 years, Tangway’s tradition of service and excellence, famous most in Bataan, never ceases.


Our mission is to serve the people of Bataan through our camaraderie and excellence. Throughout the years, this institution has maintained its pride in consolidating efforts and advocacy of the different sectors of Bataan, as guided by our leadership as Iskolar ng Bayan. We draw ties among private industries, public offices, individual citizens and the academe through our educational programs like Patinikan set of contests, and social service programs such as the Annual Christmas outreach program. Aside from the goal of maintaining academic excellence in the performance of all the members, the organization still manages to render service to the people of Bataan, being its motherland and home. Tangway does not only exist for the benefit of the UP Bataeño studentry but subsists to serve the whole university academic community and most of all, the people of our province. And throughout the years of its active existence, UP Tangway remained true to all of its commitments and pushed through all of its activities, rain or shine.

Executive Committee

The executive committee is the governing body of the organization consisting of all the committee heads and the president. In a meeting being held prior to the general assembly (GA), the members of this committee talk about matters concerning each working group. They initially discuss the agenda for the GA so that all things are already presented to and known by the heads. In this manner, the GA becomes systematic and organized. The organization’s president leads any decision- making of this committee; then, all actions will be subject under GA’s approval before initiation. This group is considered to be the highest committee; thus, its members serve as models for cooperation and leadership.

The members of the Executive Committee A.Y. 2016-2017 are:

President: Dinardo G. Santos
Vice President for Internal Affairs: Justin Emil P. Pestio
Vice President for External Affairs: Christian B. Agano
Secretary: Edu James M. Dagumanpan
Treasurer: Vinez Grace D. Caluscusan
Academics Committee Heads: Mary Faith C. Delas Alas
Socio-Cultural Committee Head: Justin Bryle P. Navarro
Membership Committee Head: Ludovico M. Marquez Jr


UP Tangway is subdivided into seven standing committees: Internal Affairs, External Affairs, Secretariat Affairs, Treasury, Academics Affairs, Membership and Socio-cultural Affairs. Each working group performs a distinct task through the leadership of an elected committee head. With all the members working in unison, each committee is able to make itself promising for the benefit of the whole organization.

Internal Affairs Committee

Chemistry and Harmony beyond Diversity. Being part of an group encompasses the idea of coming out of the shell that concerns oneself alone. Merely it meant opening one’s doors into becoming part of somebody. It is one thing certain that in an organization was a thousand streams of relationships. Basically it involves dealing with people and working with them in pursuit of a common goal. Thus, for an organization to function properly, it is really an important point that good interpersonal relationships are maintained within the group. If there were the so called “shepherds of the Tangwayers,” they must be the Internal Affairs Committee. As affirmed in the constitution, this committee creates and implements all activities related to membership in the organization. They keep regular evaluation of the status of the members and make sure that each one renews every semester. But it’s the most important role of the InteCom to maintain a pleasant working atmosphere between every Tangwayer. They make sure that everyone coexists in harmony with the other. It is them who mediate in case of conflicts or disagreements among members or applicants. This committee ensures that friendship and camaraderie is sustained within the organization. As an engine cannot function with its integral system disoriented, the Internal Affairs Committee plays a vital part in the efficient execution of all the organizational tasks. Throughout the years, it has been the unifying factor that binds the members amidst their diversity, varying beliefs and unique abilities. For this reason, the Internal Affairs Committee’s vision has certainly become a translation of the three-word-phrase, “WE ARE ONE.”

External Affairs Committee

In the long run, UP Tangway has existed not as a private organization which is only concerned with the internal matters, but as an outgoing yet responsible assembly which is also interested with the external things happening in the whole UP community. We communicate with other organizations and participate in inter-university activities through the External Affairs Committee. UP Tangway has created a friendly atmosphere and good relationship with the other sectors of the university and with the Bataan community. Through the efforts of the External Affairs Committee, we are able to get connected with Sanlahi, the umbrella organization of all provincial orgs in UP. By attending outside meetings, this committee informs UP Tangway of the upcoming activities regarding the Sanlahi Alliance like an inter-provincial competition called as Patalasanlahi and a sports fest called as Palakasanlahi. We experience the fun of having interaction with the other organizations while revealing the rich Bataan culture and knowledge in the entire university. Also, External Affairs Committee is the one responsible for the recognition of the organization. In addition, tambayan issues are also in their regard. Any problem concerning the status of tambayan is being addressed by them in the OSA. Without this committee, UP Tangway would just be a very introvert group, unaware of the events around and a cast away org in the large UP community. Thus, it is such an important matter having responsible head and members of the External Affairs Committee who will serve as our representatives showcasing the ideas, skills, and talents of a great Bataeno.

Membership Committee

If there is one thing common to every Tangwayer, that would be the fact that each one started as an applicant. Every member was once a lowly traveler lost in an unknown city, confused, afraid to walk any further. Each one had been a seed, in need of the earth where it could cling itself to reach the sky. Everybody once felt no smarter than a fifth grade and asked for a classmate. What made the members survive the entire application process pays high tribute to the diligent and determined Membership Committee. The Membership Committee is dubbed as the “recruiting agency” of the organization. They are generally concerned in producing the Generation X Tangwayers. They engage in a university wide search for certified Bataeños by heart. They seek for Bataan-rooted Iskos and Iskas who are willing to share a piece of themselves with the organization in achieving a common goal for the province. That is, excellence and camaraderie. The committee goes year round in building up the incoming batch of members. They provide an initial link where applicants get their first real encounter with the organization. They are responsible in inculcating to the minds of the applicants the virtues and values a Tangwayer live by. To help them develop these important principles, the MemComm designs a set of activities for the application process. Typically, it consists of 8 steps namely; applicants’ orientation, buddy bidding, informal interview, constitution quiz, buddy week, talents night, formal interview and the final rites popularly termed as trust walk. From each activity, the applicants are given a chance to know themselves better and build friendship with their fellow Bataeños. They are trained how to function as a one team and work not only for their self accomplished goals, but for the group’s vision. In this way, they are being prepared into becoming not only a full pledged individual but a part of a family. For the past years, the Membership Committee has lived the legacy not only of finding responsible Tangwayers, but MAKING them.

Academics Committee

Being the most premiere academe in the country, University of the Philippines has been a paradigm of academic excellence for all the high school and college students. It has created the standard of intellectual range that becomes the peculiarity of a learner called as “Iskolar ng Bayan.” However, getting this distinction has been a difficult quest for everyone especially for high school students who wish to enter the university and for college students who hope to survive in the campus. That is why, through the Academics Committee, UP Tangway is helping people to get acquainted with the intricate yet adventurous way of UP life. Pursuant to the organization’s goal to achieve academic excellence, this committee has been primarily concerned with the activities promoting quality education. It leads some of the biggest and flashiest events, and one of which is the UP Tangway College Admission Review Series (CAReS). This is an UPCAT review that aims to prepare the high school students of Bataan in taking the entrance exam. It is usually being held in different places in the province like Orani, Balanga, and Mariveles. Through this, Bataan used to have greater number of passers in UPCAT every year. In line with this activity is the setting up of UPCAT processing booth in Balanga one or two weeks before the deadline of submission of application forms. We take charge in handling the forms so that it would not be a hassle for students going to and fro UP Diliman. Another major event of UP Tangway which is headed by the AcadComm is the Patinikan, an inter-high school competition showcasing the skills and intellects of Bataan students. It includes contests in essay writing, poster making, impromptu speech, debate and quiz show. In this activity, we aim to challenge the participants in various areas of learning so that they may bring out their best when Patalasanlahi, an inter-provincial/inter-regional competition, comes. The winners in each category are given the privilege to join this competition which is being held in UP Diliman. There will be a chance of knowing students from other region, and at the same time, a chance of revealing the wits of Bataenos. Of course, this committee is not only concerned about the high school students of Bataan but also with the members of the organization. Tutorials in various subjects are open and offered to those who are in need. Sample exams in different subjects are also being collected so that the members can have a sort of practice and review in the test that they will be taking.

Treasury Committee

It is true that keeping an organization on track is not about money but passion. However, somehow, a group will not operate and realize its visions without funds. The catalysts for success are good leaders and responsible members who will be able to produce great results from an amount of money set for common goal. And here comes the Treasury Committee. All of the activities of UP Tangway would not have been successful without the members of this committee who used to supervise and take charge of the finances. The committee is tasked to administer the collection and centralization of funds from the membership fees, income generating projects and other resources. Budgeting and allocation of money in different activities are the main concerns. Treasury Committee is responsible for controlling the disbursement of funds. Any amount of money that will be used for a certain activity will be under their jurisdiction so that deficit will be avoided. All of the expenses by the organization are compensated by the fund-raising projects organized by the committee. For bigger events that need large amount of money like the Patinikan, solicitation letters are being distributed so that enough funds are accumulated. It has been a very challenging work for the members of the committee. They are also the ones responsible for keeping financial records of each member and committee that are presented in general assemblies. Any lost report is considered as a big responsibility that is why the members are quite careful and organized. Funding is one of the great assets of an organization; hence, the Treasury Committee members should really be trustworthy, honest, and responsible. A charming personality engraved with a good leadership and effective influence is needed to maintain a bank account that is always in surplus for the benefit of the whole organization.

Secretariat Affairs Committee

Behind an excellent story was a great Historian. One committee which was most involved in the activities of the other seven was the Secretariat Affairs Committee. It has been the primary task of this working group to keep record of all the activities bouncing up and down the semestral calendar of UP Tangway. If everyone is still stagnant with the idea that this committee just busies itself taking minutes during the weekly assembly, it’s time to know that beyond the silence was a job worth two thumbs up. Immortality has been one of the guiding principles of the Secretariat Affairs Committee members live by. Being the so called “history makers” of Tangway, they make sure that every activity and undertaking of the organization was properly documented and recorded. This task is essentially a physical manipulation of keeping the series of events and the values and lessons that accompany them always fresh in the minds of every Tangwayer. In such way, every activity becomes a learning experience not only for the present but also for the future members of the organization. Also, Sec enhances good communication links within the organization. It releases a directory which lists the telephone numbers,and email addresses of all the active members every semester to keep them in touch with one another. Furthermore, they took responsibility in issuing Tangway’s calendar of activities to keep every member informed on the upcoming undertakings of the different committees.

Socio-Cultural Affairs Committee

All work and no play make a dull boy. Perhaps a lot of people may think that UP organizations like Tangway revolves only around serious matters and academic themes. They might even think that Tangwayers are a bunch of geeks walking the earth with their brains alone. They don’t know how wrong they are. Even geniuses need time for rest, relaxation and acquaintance with other people. Being blessed with a bounty of skills and other talents, Tangwayers also recognize the need to develop human aspects other than the academe. They value bonding and fun activities as much as they value bagging an uno in their major subjects. The Socio-Cultural Committee aims to nurture these special talents and abilities while building camaraderie and creating a fun-filled atmosphere among members. This is the committee working behind events like the tambayan clean up drive. The committee not only aims to stimulate friendly ties within the organization, but it also focuses on presenting the culture of Bataan to the whole academic community of the university.


UP Tangway has lots of activities that benefit both the Bataan and UP communities, and are realized through the efforts and perseverance of its members. These activities mostly target the younger generation of Bataeños, and are consistent with the goals and advocacies of the organization.


The bones of the vertebrate Class Osteichtyes (fish) became the symbol of UP Tangway’s prestigious inter-high school competition known as Patinikan. Patinikan is a contest aimed to achieve academic excellence and sportsmanship. It has five divisions - quiz show, essay writing contest (English and Filipino), impromptu speech (English and Filipino), debate and poster making contest. This contest, also tasked to hone talents of Bataeno high school students, started in the early years of the organization as a simple essay writing competition and poster making contest. By AY 1987-1988, under the term of now Dr. Edgar Ahgel Jocson, the quiz show was included and the name Patinikan was adopted. This is a full-packed one-day affair guided by a theme, carefully drawn for its relevance on Bataan, academe or social advocacies in general. To top the excitement and hasten the drive for competition is the ultimate battle for what will the school emerge as- “Pinakamatinik,” “Mas Matinik,” and “Matinik.” Winners for this are based on scores for every division ranking of each school. It was in 1998, under Ma. Liza dela Fuente, that Patinikan had its original medal with an inscribed logo. The awarded top three winners will advance to Patalasanlahi, the inter-regional/inter-provincial level sponsored by the Sanlahi Alliance.

Tangway CAReS

The UP Tangway College Admission Review Series (CAReS) is an UPCAT review program that aims to prepare the 4th year high school students of Bataan in taking the said entrance exam. Organized by the organization’s Academic Affairs Committee, this event focuses on enhancing the knowledge and developing the skills of the students on coping with time-pressured written exams in the fields constituting the UPCAT like Mathematics, Science, English (Grammar, Reading Comprehension) and Abstract Reasoning. The members and alumni of the organization serve as tutors for the aspiring Iskolars ng Bayan of Bataan.

Along with this, the organization also puts up an UPCAT Processing Booth where they assist aspiring UP students in processing their applications. Thru this, students are not burdened by the difficulties associated with the passing and processing of UPCAT form.

Outreach Program

The outreach program usually takes place during December, around the Christmas season. Together with various donors, UP Tangway visits orphanages and does a little bit of everything for the kids. There is a small program organized wherein the members show their talents to entertain the kids. And of course, tons of food and loads of gift are there too. But beyond the food, gifts, songs and dances, what makes this activity worth it are the smiles of the children. The fact that even for just a day, UP Tangway made a difference in their lives, made them feel all warm inside, and that they are not alone, and that they will never be alone

Application Process

The making of a Tangwayer is not as easy as a blink of an eye, nor as simple as signing up in a list. It is a fruit of perseverance, endurance, and sincerity of every aspiring Tangwayer. Every Tangwayer must have its training for the Tangway way of life – camaraderie among its members, service, dedication and love for the organization. Aside from the training, the application also functions as the test for the applicant’s sincerity towards the organization, its people and its objectives, activities and vision. Its timeframe usually varies as well as its dynamics, but the process has its own constants to ensure the proper inscription of the principles of the soon-to-be way of life of the applicants. The consistent requirements and activities are finally encoded in the Tangway Constitution as amended in 2003 under the presidency of Jojo Samen and chairmanship of the Ad hoc Committee by Audrey Sanchez. Also, this Constitution allows individuals who are not innately from Bataan to apply as honorary members. In the end, only those who can surpass the training and withstand the challenges can be a part of UP Tangway and can live UP life the Tangway way.

Mahirap daw ang application. However, aside from the notion that “minamahal and pinaghihirapan,” it is good to think of the process as a training because “mas maraming natututunan sa pinaghihirapan.”

Sports Fest

The Internal Affairs Committee spearheads the organization of an intra-organization Sports Fest which develops the potential of the members in athletics and also promotes the benefits of maintaining a healthy body. This activity, which happens at least once every semester, aims to develop teamwork and camaraderie among the members and applicants as well. This also serves as a time for the members to relax, enjoy and have fun. The featured events are basketball and badminton games, relays, card games, and Philippine games. This day fosters an atmosphere of pure fun, solidarity and established friendships; all of which are important to the success of the organization.

Bonding Night

Tangwayers value bonding activities and leisure time as much as they value getting an “uno” in their major subjects. Because of this, the organization’s Internal Affairs Committee organizes a bonding activity every semester. The bonding night is usually a one night-two day activity that aims to promote camaraderie among the members and applicants, and for the applicants to see the fun side of the members, apart from their “serious” exterior. Each committee is usually asked to give a performance, exhibiting their talent and grace under pressure. Through this, the apps get to see how clever the members are. It is observed that the Tangwayers grow closer to each other with each bonding activity. Having these bonding activities give the chance for members to get to know each other. Through this, conflicts can be resolved and friendships can be strengthened.


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