UVLe 2.0 Release Notes

UVLe 2.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 11 April 2011

Server Requirements

  • UVLe upgrade: UVLe 1.0
  • PHP version: PHP 5.2.8

Database Requirements

Database Minimum version Recommended
MySQL 5.0.25 Latest

Client Requirements

Browser Support

UVLe is best used with the following web browsers:

  • Firefox 3
  • Google Chrome 4

Major Features

The Dock

  • Provides shortcuts to the main UVLe page, to the courses the user is currently enrolled in, to the user's files, to blogs, to messages, to the form for requesting courses (visible only to users with current teacher role), to the user's contacts

GoogleDocs Repository

  • Enables one to directly share one's GoogleDocs files via UVLe

Crot Tool for Plagiarism Detection

  • Helps teachers detect plagiarized materials that students submit on UVLe

Committee Manager

  • An administration module that enables one to manage committees, upload public and private files, create events (meetings), plan meetings, manage agenda, minutes, business arising from previous meetings

File PIcker

  • Enables the uploading and sharing of files, including those on GoogleDocs


  • Enables an UVLe user (with at least a teacher role) to use UVLe as a reservation system for a lab or any facility, for exams or consultation schedules


  • Enables a teacher to quickly email some or all students in the course through a checkbox list.

UVLe User Admin Module

  • A module to manage users who cannot be authenticated by UP Diliman LDAP Server or those who cannot have UP Webmail Accounts

Molecule Visualization Engine

  • Enables users to display animated 3D models of molecules

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