UVLe 2.5 Release Notes

UVLe 2.5 Release Notes

Release Date: 01 June 2013

Server Requirements

  • UVLe upgrade: UVLe 2.2.3
  • PHP version: PHP 5.3.3
  • PHP extension: GD

Database Requirements

Database Minimum version Recommended
MySQL 5.1.33 Latest

Client Requirements

Browser Support

UVLe is best used with the following web browsers:

  • Firefox 4
  • Google Chrome 11

Major Features


  • Collapsed Topics - enables one to toggle between topic and week views of a course, especially when one feels there's "too many" topics to see in one glance
  • Tab Topics Course Format enables the teacher to display course topics or sections in tabs

Resource Uploading and Sharing

  • Embed Editable Google Document
  • UPDox Repository - enables a UPDox user to share his files via UVLe

Special Activities

  • A classroom teacher can now take attendance and record it directly in UVLe
  • Activities Using Learning Tools
  • Progress Bar is a block to be added on UVLe to be able to visually track the progress of students' activities
  • Complementing the Progress Bar is the Engagement Analytics block that the teacher can add so that the students themselves can see their own level of engagements in the course
  • A checklist of items can be created and ticked off by the teacher or the students
  • Enables teachers and students to create mind maps
  • The game activity makes use of glossaries, quizzes and questions to create a variety of interactive games within the course: Hangman, Crossword, Cryptex, Millionaire, Sudoku, and Snakes and Ladders
  • The UVLe teacher has 2 technology choices in conducting a video conference: BigBlueButton and Google Hangouts
  • Pantasa enables UVLe users to integrate bibliographic information into an UVLe page

New on Quiz Activity

  • Acknowledgment of anti-plagiarism statement
  • Safe Quiz Browser
  • Drag and drop into text or image - missing words can be dragged into gaps in a paragraph of text; images onto a part of background image
  • Drag and drop markers - markers can be dragged to parts to indicate key features on an image
  • Correct Writing - aids in learning the grammar of a new language
  • Multinumerical - allows items like "Please enter X, Y, and Z, such as : X + Y + Z > 12"
  • Variable numeric is a calculated numeric question type with variable and expression evaluation
  • Algebra - requires the student to answer by typing an algebraic formula
  • Music Interval prompts the student, who's given a note, to enter a second note at a given interval
  • Music Scale prompts the student, who's given a key and tonic, to enter a scale
  • Music Key Signature prompts the student, who's given a tonality, to enter the corresponding key signature
  • Java Molecular Editor - enables the student to draw a molecule as a response to a question using the editor

New on Assignment Activity

  • PDF Upload enables the instructor to annotate student's work within the browser and return assignment as a PDF


  • Certificate - enables the teacher to dynamically generate certificates to students upon completion of certain course requirements
  • Badges - are "little rewards" for students' accomplishments in a course

Organizational Tools

  • Chairman (formerly Committee Manager) - an administration module that enables one to manage committees, upload public and private files, create events (meetings), plan meetings, manage agenda, minutes, business arising from previous meetings

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