UVLe 3.1.12 Release Notes

UVLe 3.1.12 Release Notes

Release Date: 30 June 2018

Server Requirements

  • UVLe upgrade: UVLe 3.1.7
  • PHP version: PHP 7.0
  • PHP extension: xmlreader
  • Ghostscript should be installed for pdf annotation
  • Unoconv should be installed for file conversion used by pdf annotations (new in Moodle 3.1)

Database Requirements

Database Minimum version Recommended
MySQL 5.5.31 Latest

Client Requirements

Browser Support

UVLe is best used with the following web browsers:

  • Firefox 25
  • Google Chrome 30

Major Features

System GE Common Resources

  • Teachers need to request integration of common System GE resources to their GE courses
  • Students can easily access/download the common System GE resources

Other Highlights

Assess assignments online

  • (Fix) The submitted document is automatically converted to PDF
  • (Fix) Teachers may use the PDF annotation tool for feedback and grading

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