UVLe 3.1.7 Release Notes

UVLe 3.1.7 Release Notes

Release Date: 12 January 2018

Server Requirements

  • UVLe upgrade: UVLe 2.7.20
  • PHP version: PHP 7.0
  • PHP extension: xmlreader
  • Ghostscript should be installed for pdf annotation
  • Unoconv should be installed for file conversion used by pdf annotations (new in Moodle 3.1)

Database Requirements

Database Minimum version Recommended
MySQL 5.5.31 Latest

Client Requirements

Browser Support

UVLe is best used with the following web browsers:

  • Firefox 25
  • Google Chrome 30

Major Features

CRS Integration

  • Request an UVLe course page for their classes
  • Requests are automatically processed every 3:00 AM.

Basic Teacher Role

  • Teachers will be assigned to a “basic teacher” role by default

Mobile friendly

  • UVLê site is mobile responsive
  • It can be comfortably viewed in a mobile browser in tablets or smartphones

Pop-up Guides

  • A guided tour will pop-up on your first visit for certain pages
  • Pop-up guides may be revisited by clicking your name then Guide Me On This Page

Upload/download several files at the same time

  • Students can download the whole folder as a zip file

Assess assignments online

  • The submitted document is automatically converted to PDF
  • Teachers may use the PDF annotation tool for feedback and grading

File box for adding attachments in assignments

  • Teachers can now easily attach files in assignment activities

New roles for team teaching

  • There are new roles that may help in team teaching situations and/or teaching assistantship (e.g. content managers, facilitators etc.)
  • Content manager can help the teacher manage resources (files, videos etc.) within a course page

Recycle bin for deleted activities/resources

  • Teachers may restore deleted activities/resources in the recycle bin

Easier way of editing section titles

  • In edit mode, section titles can be easily edited. Click the edit icon , type the new title, and press enter

Other Highlights

The Change Setting Menu

  • Course administration, switch role to, and other administration menus are located in the Change Settings menu at the upper right corner of the page

Searching Courses

  • Search courses is located at Quick Links -> View All Courses

Plagiarism Checker

  • The CROT option can only compare files within the site
  • The assignment activity is linked to a free third party online plagiarism checker

Community Forum

  • Provides a venue for users to share their UVLe experiences and/or edtech expertise
  • Encourages users to start or participate in a discussion - on technical matters about UVLê (design/function issues, suggestions or recommendations), on how and why you use UVLê in your classes (e.g., tips and best practices, or what works for you), or on any edtech, teaching, or learning topic worth sharing

Other minor changes

  • Teachers may input topic tags (similar to hashtags) in each activity or resource
  • Important forum posts can now be pinned to the top of your list, making them more visible to your students
  • When setting up a workshop, the teacher can now specify the type of file for submission
  • New mechanics in using/editing the gradebook

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