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Department of Speech Communication and Theater Arts

Hello! Thank you for creating article about the department. However, that lacks information. It only gives us about persons at the department, I may suggest to give some historical background of the department, etc. And for the persons, please re-edit your article, kindly make it prose, and with Table of Contents. (Please insert __TOC__ on the page if you want to put contents table).

Reply here (Don't forget to insert four tilde marks ~~~~)--Jmtirao 11:07, 18 February 2009 (UTC)

Hello. What I am trying to say, please give some introduction about the department, for example, its history, programs offered, activities, etc. Because if we will try to look at the Department of Speech Communication and Theater Arts article, though it is not entirely empty, it only lists some people involved in the department (you may try to finalized them all in a table just like here. If possible, you may upload a logo of the department, or logo of CAL, and follow the same format used in College of Engineering just like here. For example, it is difficult for a first-timer to look at the department's page, they might say "what is this article talking about?". In any other means, I am happy to help you in editing the page.--Jmtirao 10:31, 19 February 2009 (UTC)


Thanks for creating biographies/quick information about prominent figures in UP. But sad to say, you should emphasize that they belong to the Department of Speech Communications and Theater Arts by inserting this syntax on each page:

==See Also==
* [[UP College of Arts and Letters]]
* [[Department of Speech Communication and Theater Arts]]

And since these articles give quick facts about UP people, please input this syntax on the lowest portion of the page:

[[Category:UP People]]

For more information about categories, see Help:Categorization. And please, make these articles into prose.

As an example, I did one on an article about Josefina Angeles Agravante. Reply here. Thanks and good luck.--Jmtirao 09:58, 26 February 2009 (UTC)