Video Production Tips

These are tips intended for video production done by DILC.

Studio Setting

For resource persons and talents:

  • Confirm way in advance your schedule for video shoot
  • No green wardrobe please. The background screen is already green. Blue and white are not encouraged. Other plain natural colors are most suitable for the camera.
  • Avoid wearing clothes with patterns.
  • Please avoid wearing glasses, as they might reflect studio lighting.
  • Wear some make-up
  • Bring your presentation materials or send them to DILC in advance for comments.
  • Highly recommended: practice with your script and slides. Time yourself.
  • To simulate looking at the camera, practice in front of the mirror (more on the point of practice)

Live Lecture

  • Use monitor facing the speaker so s/he doesn't have to turn to the screen to check or read the slides.


Slides will be incorporated into the video and should be engaging. We suggest that the slides will have the ff:

  • title font between 38-44 pts
  • body font between 30-34 pts. If you expect your slides or video to be projected in a large hall, use bigger fonts.
  • high contrast pictures and letters or texts
  • make charts, graphs and the likes occupy the whole slide
  • If the slides are so numerous, group them into 20-minute segments or parts. Recommended: introduce each segment or part in relation to other parts and the overall topic.
  • an appropriate color scheme
  • save presentation file as .ppt or .pdf and send it to DILC way ahead of time.

Slides are visual support to what you're saying. They do not explain themselves. Nor are they meant to be read like some karaoke lyrics.

Please get some tips on slides preparation (and some more tips).

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